Dry Like Me launch Little Miss Smarty Pants TV campaign.

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Last week Dry Like Me launched our first television campaign. Inspired by the #SBS winners event, we decided there was no way round it, our brand needed some serious kick-ass promotion, and innocent potty trainers out there needed to know who we are, what we are about, and where to find us. We have great listings in all the big supermarkets – but are seriously dwarfed by the many many boxes of Huggies Pull-Ups – many SKU's of the same product in muptiple sizes, all stacked alongside us. So while we are right up there along side them, you would need a serious magnifying glass – or in fact be Miss Marple to find us. Little Miss Smarty Pants has therefore been born, our way of showing the world; using humour, a very cute four year old, and an oscar worthy group of nursery children just what this potty training lark is all about, and why we are the best product out there. The advert is showing across the childrens channels (Nick Jnr. Disney. Boomerang, Tiny Pop and Cartoonito) over the next month.

Watch Little Miss Smarty Pants at work here: http://drylikeme.com/tv-advert/ 

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