Essential Productivity Hacks For Your Home Study

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Working from home is a luxury that can make you the envy of those around you. There are some terrific perks of course, from the precious extra few minutes in bed, to the convenience of cooking equipment just a few steps away. But what your friends won’t realise is how hard it can be to create an office that inspires productivity rather than procrastination. 

If you’re going to have a home office, you should take the time to turn it into something you can be proud of. By pursuing these productivity hacks, you’ll be able to shape a space that keeps your project(s) ticking over nicely.

Add a personal touch with fitted home study furniture

Fitted furniture allows you to bring your vision of a perfect workspace to life. Everyone has their own unique working habits and preferences when it comes to performance, and with fitted home study furniture you can create customised storage solutions that meet your needs.

Bespoke desks with built-in drawers can maintain an organised look and feel to your office surroundings, allowing you to easily declutter and facilitate maximum efficiency. An ergonomic chair and keyboard guarantees top comfort levels across long hours, whilst wardrobes let you hang business attire without taking up valuable space. Meanwhile, fitted bookcases offer the ideal spot to store textbooks, files and paperwork.

Shine a light on your work

Allowing healthy amounts of natural light to pour indoors is imperative for productivity. Typing or scribbling in darkened rooms can put intense strain on your eyes, leading to fatigue and decreasing your overall working speed.

If you have large windows, keep the surrounding area free to allow light to flood in, and tactically position mirrors around the room to reflect this and make the room appear bigger in size. A sense of spaciousness can relieve any creeping feelings of claustrophobia, which make you feel as though you need to get out the house (and lose a lot of potential worktime in the process).

Vibrant, inspiring décor

The thought of that classic, cold, sterile office décor is what makes many people dread Mondays. If you’re lucky enough to work from home, take a leaf from the book of post-millennium agencies and plaster the walls and floors in vibrant patterns to maintain morale.

Thick, soft mottled carpets offer a stimulating visual aid, maintaining warm temperatures and adding an extra layer of comfort to surroundings on top. You might also want to keep a throw close to hand for chilly winter days, ensuring you stay cosy when working away at your desk.

Colours and patterns are important; calming blue shades have been shown to increase focus, while splashes of yellow can kick creativity into gear. Meanwhile, green is soothing for tired eyes that spend hours staring at screens.

We have a whole section dedicated to home studies here at Hartleys Rooms, offering you the inspiration you need to build a fabulous fitted home office and take your work to the next level. Get in touch with our expert team and we can start building your very own bespoke home study. 

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