Estate Agents – Friend or Foe?

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Estate Agency can be a thankless job. Historically estate agents tend to get a bad wrap by the public as they are seen to be driving house prices up or not communicating with clients efficiently.

We really want to change the way people think about estate agents as we aren’t all bad. By treating each person individually and considering what they may need to help with a smooth transaction and maintaining great communication, we can move through the process much easier and instead keep an exciting time as stress-free as possible.

But don’t let me tell you how it makes people feel, read for yourself…

This review was left by Russell, one of our vendors who was buying another property.

“What a team! From the first phone call, Simon, Emma, Izzy, Sam and all the team have been nothing but helpful, knowledgeable, caring and, ultimately, invested in the successful sale of our property.

Their communication is top-notch, with a group WhatsApp as the main channel – meaning that everyone stays up to date with news as it happens. There was no question that was too small or simple for them to answer, and they even provided a caring ear on the occasions that things did get frustrating. One of the best things they did was act as a translator between the conveyancer and us as clients. Even though we’re smart people, there are some legal terminology and parts of the process that just don’t make sense without a little explanation. Emma, in particular, was fantastic at taking the time to help us understand what was happening and what we needed to do.

Another feather in Indigo Greens’ cap is their attention to detail, even with people not in their immediate team. One example was our photographer, who wasn’t 100% happy with a couple of the photos they’d taken. Rather than just uploading them and settling for less than the best, they arranged to revisit our house and retake the photos. This just reinforced the excellent approach to selling houses that this team has.

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Indigo Greens. They more than earned the fees that they charge, and the value for money that they offer is top notch. If you’re looking for a supportive and wise estate agent, who actually cares about your sale, then commission Indigo Greens immediately.”


Receiving reviews just like this one and many others (some are posted on our “Testimonial” webpage) makes everything we do feel worthwhile. It brings so much joy to hear that we helped support people with one of the biggest events in their lives. Little steps like this will hopefully ripple out across the industry and eventually, perceptions will change to show that estate agents are helpful, ethical, knowledgeable and a valuable part of the whole process, just like we are demonstrating, is possible.  


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