Fathers Day Shaving Gift Alert!

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It is just over one month until Fathers Day (Sunday 17th June 2018) Don’t panic, here at Agent Shave we are here to help find the best traditional wet shaving gifts to suit every type of Dad!

Now there are two sides to this coin, firstly those of you that want to get your Dad the most amazing Fathers Day gift but really do not know what to buy. Or you are a Dad yourself and want to make sure that your loved ones treat you to the shaving gear you have been hankering after for a while….so to give you some help, here are some idea’s:

Shaving brush on a budget

Want to buy Dad an awesome shaving gift but strapped for cash? 

Vulfix pure Bristle shaving brushes start from just £5.99. The Vulfix pure Bristle collection of brushes is manufactured from hair taken from Hogs and is favoured by traditional wet shavers who prefer a stiffer feel to their brush. The Bristle comes in a variety of textures from the very still grey, through to brown and the slightly softer bleached white.

Vulfix Bristle Shaving Brush

The shave because I have to Dad

Ok so traditional wet shaving is not for everyone, we would love it if that was the case, but we know there is a large proportion of your fathers that shave because they have to, not for pleasure. For a Dad like this, try as we might, he may not be convinced! Opt for some nice smelling Cologne like Taylor of Old Bond Street, Eton College £24.60 or even try an aftershave tonic from OSP

Obsessive Soap Perfectionist (OSP) Aftershave Tonic

The Shaving Soap collector

You know who I mean, the Dad that has a different shaving soap for every day of the week! The bathroom is bursting with every brand available, yet there is always room for one more shaving soap!!!

Shaving Soaps from across the pond are harder to come by & renowned for their quality. Brands like Phoenix Artisan Accoutrements & RazoRock will always make a great gifts. With matching aftershaves available you cannot go wrong!

Although any shaving soap collector wants the latest limited or special edition small batch soap. The following shaving soaps are only available while stocks last:

Volupta Shaving Soap Phoenix & Beau | Agent ShaveEnglish Rose Shaving Soap Wickham Soap Co | Agent Shave  No 8 Shaving Soap d'Ardenne Short & Bell | Agent Shave  Phoenix & Beau V60 | Agent Shave

If you really want to win brownie points though, go for the NEW Limited Edition Shaving Soap from Phoenix & BeauV60 is a luxurious blend of coffee, cocoa, vanilla with layers of cardamom, benzoin and green tobacco leaf. This shaving soap ticks all the boxes for a great start to any day! We expect this Limited Edition to go out of stock quickly so do not delay!

Beard Dad

If your Dad is partial to a touch of facial hair, treat him to a Sweyn Forkbeard gift set. Presented in a beautiful wooden box, containing a beard oil and shampoo, these do not disappoint! Available in 2 scents, Fighter & British Gentleman.

Sweyn Forkbeard British Gentleman Beard Oil & Shampoo Gift Set

Handmade in small batches, the Sweyn Forkbeard beard oils may suit smaller budgets at only £7 each. Non-greasy, with only a small amount required, leaving Dad's beard feeling healthier, thicker and stronger. Available in 6 scents:

  • English Countryside – This is a recipe for nature and mountain breeze lovers. Scented with Essential Oils Cypress, Scotch Pine, Cedarwood, Fir Needle and Amyris.
  • Fighter – This scent has been crafted with athletes in mind and for those who face significant challenges during the day and need to feel powerful.
  • Spring in Seville – This is the recipe for those who love the spring, the sunlight and Spanish oranges. Scented with Essential Oils of Sweet Orange, Mandarin, and Grass. It makes you feel alive!
  • British Gentleman – The most classic and elegant of all the recipes, made to make you feel like an English gentleman, dressed up to conquer anyone!
  • Viking Ice Storm – Fresh and cooling peppermint and spearmint, perfect for warm summer days.
  • Notting Hill Walk – This is a very romantic recipe that conjures the floral scents as you walk down Notting Hill, the most romantic neighbourhood in London. Think jasmine, geranium & lavender.

Shave of the day Dad

If your Dad is the type that loves to post his shave of the day pictures on Instagram or Facebook, then go for an Edwin Jagger Black & Gold Double Edge Razor! Gold plated with imitation ebony handle, this would look great in any shave den.

Edwin Jagger Gold Plated & Black Double Edge Razor

Sensitive Skin Dad

If your Dad has sensitive skin then many of our shaving soap ranges are especially suited. Wickhams shaving soaps are Parabens-free, Lanolin-free, Sodium Lauryl Sulphate-free (SLS) and are suitable for Vegans, people with sensitive skin and are NOT tested on animals.

Wickham Shaving Soap - Scottish Heather

In need of an upgrade Dad

So this is for those of you mainly considering dropping a few hints to your family! You may have been traditional shaving a while and perhaps started with the basics. Is it time to upgrade?

Is your shaving brush looking tired? Drop hints day this Fathers Day for a new Shaving BrushSimpsons are considered to be the among best shaving brushes in the shaving community.

If you started out with a basic double edge safety razor, why not upgrade to an adjustable? The Futur range of razors is pure class. It has a variety of settings which can be adjusted to your liking or to suit the area you are shaving.

Merkur Futur Satin | Agent Shave

Agents, we hope this will help you on your Fathers Day mission! For now…over

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