Finding positives during difficult times

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I realised around this time last week that since being one of the winners of Small business Sunday that I really haven’t used the award as much as I could have or should have.

I was very fortunate to have been declared a winner a week before the annual conference which I was unable to attend at short notice and unfortunately just before the national lockdown.

Since then I have been busy, even during lockdown my work quickly changed from working primarily with those in sport to dealing with those instead that were facing issues around anxiety , family issues and the problems and concerns that the corona virus and lockdown  brought with them.

I was still quieter than usual in some ways but it actually encouraged me to work within some areas that I enjoy and that I haven’t done for some time, especially within mediation.

This also brought opportunities to accept interview opportunities on various radio stations and podcasts as well as talking to new people who I may not have otherwise met.

This included a whole community that I didn’t know existed as in those on Facebook who stream themselves playing games.

I found myself watching this group of people, listening to them talk and watching the chat scrolling at the bottom of their stream which contained the conversations of their followers.

This quickly caught my attention as they would often talk about their own issues with Anxiety , depression and mental health and it became obvious to me that these people had created their own way to talk and deal with these problems.

I had found by accident, by complete chance and only because of the virus a community that was heavily based upon supporting each other.

This quickly grew into me striking up conversations with new people , networking between these streamers, working with some of them providing them with my services and gaining services from them too as many work within other roles full time and stream part time.

One of these chance meetings happened to be with a music artist who is known as Wick3d the #Introking

Wick3d who’s real name is Walter is an American based artist who usually provides music intros to his fellow gamers which for those who don’t know is like title music to the footage they stream live on Facebook.

Our communications led to him working on a song or track for me which he completed and is titled Champions.

This track has really taken off in this streaming community and has been something that has gained a great positive reaction.

And id like to share that with you:

One of my points to this post was that no matter how hard things get, no matter how big the adversity seems there is always positives that can come out of the difficult times.

I know that this corona virus situation is far from over and that we as businesses and business people are facing extremely difficult times, some of us would have already perhaps closed and lost our businesses and some maybe looking at doing that in the near future. Maybe you are reading this either not knowing how your business is going to survive or knowing that you are going to be closing.

Hope lies within looking and finding those positives that come out of these experiences, Lessons that we may not choose to learn, but we must learn to help us succeed in our current or future projects.

The difficult periods give us the tools, the experiences and even often put us in contact with the people that will help us to be the successes that we wish to be, and SBS and the platform that Theo Pathitis has provided for so many of us is certainly an amazing support mechanism that I’m certainly going to be using a lot more.

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