Fs Design Blog March 2021

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March is a hit and miss month here in Ireland. We really can have every season in the one day. Hailstones in the morning and beautiful spring sunshine in the afternoon and everything in between. it’s usually a quieter time for me as you have Mother’s Day (one thing I miss from being a florist is the madness of Mother’s Day) and the craft fairs and agricultural shows aren’t started yet. I use this month to try out new ideas to expand my range of functional art homewares.

I don’t know about you guys but when my coasters aren’t in use they seem to just lie about on the table. I used to make a coaster holder and decided to rework and improve to suit the round resin coasters. I think they really show off the coasters as well as being neater and a really beautiful gift.

With there being a huge shift towards to sustainabilty and the cut down on plastics, I thought why not make a soap dish. As I’m so inspired by sea colours, I think it brings the sea and the beach into your bathroom. Resin is 100 waterproof and all the soap dishes are made from Irish beech which has its own antibacterial properties. i’ve also teamed up with the fabulous Marie from Luna Natural Soaps and each piece with come with a piece of handmade loveliness.

Until next time, stay safe xx

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