Full Steam Ahead For 2018

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Good job I had a bottle of champagne left over and that I was relatively unscathed from the New Years Eve shenanigans.

Learning on the first day of 2018 that I'd been chosen by Theo as one of the 6 winners of his SBS gave good cause for more celebration!

​I'm honoured to be part of the SBS family and excited about how I can use the opportunity to drive my business forward this year.

I started to push a new service in the spring of 2017 spraying UPVC doors and windows for domestic customers.

The initial response I had without doing any marketing, apart from posting on Social Media platforms, was very encouraging. My target markets at this stage are home owners with:

  • Existing UPVC doors and windows that are looking old, tired and yellowing that require refreshing.
  • Existing UPVC doors and windows where the owners want a change of colour.


Giving potential customers the option of refreshing the existing colour or changing the colour of their UPVC doors and windows for a fraction of the cost of replacing them with new and without the mess and upheaval is proving extremely popular.

Riding on the back of the trend for coloured UPVC rather than traditional white, light oak or mahogony has opened up a huge marketplace.

Any comments from previous SBS winners on how best to use my SBS Winner status would be greatly appreciated. 


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