Funky Wall Clocks By Wall Chimp

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Finding that perfect style clock for any room in your home can be difficult, you want something that makes a statement and perfect represents your personality. The one pain about hanging a clock, however is faffing around with actually having to put the nail or bracket on the wall, getting it straight and actually managing to get the clock to stay up. At Wall Chimp, we’ve come up with a creative and quirky way to combat the whole hanging and making a mess in the process of putting a clock up, instead we’ve created some pretty funky wall stickers that represent clocks. All you need to do is find the clock wall sticker that best suits your style of room and personality, attach the clock mechanism to the wall and you’ve got yourself a carefree incredibly stylish wall clock!

However, finding that perfect style for you and matching it a room can be tricky, so at Wall Chimp, we’ve picked out some of our favourite designs for you and which room we think they would go best in!

The one room in the house that’s guaranteed to have at least one clock in! As it’s probably the most used room in any house also, why not have something that stands out, starts up a conversation and perfectly captures your own personality. We’ve got a few options at Wall Chimp, which we think are perfect.

Roman Numerals: The perfect traditional style and ideal for that rustic touch.

Funky Numbers: Add a bit of fun to the kitchen wall! The design will work well in most settings and with any colour.

Adding a wall clock to a bedroom can really give it that extra touch. The best place where you can go wild, and let your creativity run free! And with Wall Chimps wall clock stickers, there’s no need to lose that little alarm clock down the back of your bed or bedside table again.

Alarm Clock: Nothing screams bedroom more than an alarm clock, so why not turn that little bedside clock into a feature piece on your wall!

Clouds: Drift off to the land of nod with this night sky themed wall clock sticker.

We know that a clock in a bathroom might be a bit unusual, but why not! Everyone always wonders how long they’ve been in the bath or shower for, or get terrified in case they nod off and wake up late for something. At Wall Chimp, we have the perfect design of wall clock sticker for any bathroom.

Bubbles: Because what reminds someone more of a bathroom than bubbles?

An office is usually a personal space, somewhere to chill out and work, or a place to escape. The image that often comes into people’s heads when they think about an office is a very official place and fairly plain. We’ve got an abundance of great designs of wall clock stickers that would work great in an office, however we’ve narrowed it down to just two.

Time Zone Wall: As an office is usually a serious place we thought it might be a great idea to throw in clock telling you different time zones in capital cities. Makes you seem like an important business person after all!

Music: We’ve chosen this one because it’s one of our most chilled out designs of wall clock stickers at Wall Chimp, especially if you like your music!

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