Harnessing the power of being an #SBS Winner and the associated press.

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Having recently become one of Theo's #SBS winners, I wanted to capitalise on the opportunity to use the kudos it gave me, to showcase my small business and reach more people. I used the really helpful Press Release template and submitted it to my local papers. Having heard nothing back, I was delighted to wake up today – some two weeks later – to learn (via an #SBScrew re-tweet!), that I had been featured in the Denbighshire Free Press! The ripple effect has been almost immediate, with other people already sharing my good news!

You can read the article here, (which was reproduced almost entirely in full, enabling me to tell my own story):-  

So, the moral of the story is, use it, don't lose it! To all new winners, strike while the iron is hot!

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