Harris Tweed

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I’m not sure why, but Harris Tweed hasn’t been on our list of fabrics, but that has now changed. Wool has probably been our most popular fabric over the last three years and the fact that most of the wool we use is produced in the UK makes it even more attractive to our customers. Harris Tweed isn’t one we have used for some reason but that is about to change. After a visit from Art of the Loom, their Harris Tweed upholstery fabrics shouted “buy me” I wasn’t sure what Harris Tweed was all about if I’m honest with you, but after speaking with Art of the Loom, and internet research, this may be my new love! Here is what the official website says

The definition of Harris Tweed contained in the Harris Tweed Act of 1993 clearly defines Harris Tweed as follows:

"Handwoven by the islanders at their homes in the Outer Hebrides, finished in the Outer Hebrides, and made from pure virgin wool dyed and spun in the Outer Hebrides."


The Act ensures that all cloth certified with the Harris Tweed Orb symbol complies with this definition and is genuine Harris Tweed, the world’s only commercially produced handwoven tweed.

The legislation and organisation allows the safeguarding of the Harris Tweed name, quality and reputation of Harris Tweed ensuring that every metre of the world famous cloth conforms to the same exacting standards and gives legal powers to address imitation and counterfeiting of the cloth worldwide.


Wow, a fabric with its own act to protect it, and quite right too. Produce by skilled and experience artisans, we have lost so many skills over the years that this should be protected for future generations. Harris Tweed is about quality and style. It’s about being the best and longevity. Yes you will pay a premium for quality, but quality oozes style and it’s not something which will need to be replaced for years to come. My problem is going to be which fabric to use first and on what! If you would like an individual chair, sofa or footstool made and upholstered by craftsmen ourselves, and upholstered in Harris Tweed, then please get in touch.

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