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With many businesses facing uncertain times, we want to let our community know, we are here to help.

In recent days, many things have changed, and many businesses have had to adapt. These adaptations include changing the way we do business, furloughing employees and in many cases, closing the doors to premises. We cannot escape the fact that these are unprecedented, troubling and for many, upsetting times.

Whilst it would be a big leap to say that we have worked through such situations before. We have experience of change management. Of turning a business’s fortune and of working with owners through times of hardship and uncertainty.

I left my career working with a Fortune 200 business because I believed in supporting a diverse range of businesses and business owners within our community. In the past few days and weeks, I have had many conversations with local SME’s and these conversations have been hugely varied. People sharing concern, frustration, fear, altruism and optimism. Mainly though, it has been, as my work generally can be, to seek understanding, guidance and affirmation.

Whilst for most the world of business is vastly different, it most certaintly hasn’t ended. For owners I know, their focus on their business, even in these times, never ends and that is where we are here to help.


Our business model has always been to offer the first consultation for SME’s free of charge, to understand if consultancy is right for the business and owner, and the consultant is the right fit for the situation. In these times, we understand that some businesses may need the support, but simply cannot afford to commit precious cashflow for it on an ongoing basis. As a business, we have decided to dedicate two days per month – free of charge – to businesses in such a situation. This is of course limited to a first come, first served basis, but should demand be such, we may look to extend the time we can dedicate to this endeavour.

This is our way of supporting our community in the best way we know how. If you know someone who this may benefit, or feel it would benefit you, please get in touch. The only way to progress a conversation, is to start it.

For all who have taken the time to read this, we wish you the best of mental, physical and emotional health and look forward to seeing you all soon.

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