Home-ing in on the Office!

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There’s nothing quite like feeling in control of your work-life rather than your job calling the shots.  With the internet and wifi making it easier to work from home, many of us are grabbing the opportunity for the better work-life balance it offers.  No daily commute or unnecessary fuel consumption and you’re already at home when your new fridge-freezer is delivered.

In practical terms, however, often that means fighting for space among the usual domestic chaos of home, which is not ideal.  Having to pack away your papers and move your laptop for the family to sit down to dinner is frustrating all round, while trying to concentrate in the living room with a backdrop of I’m a Celebrity is hardly conducive to straight thinking.

A far better solution lies in looking outside the main living areas for space that can be customised to suit work life alongside home life.  There might be space on your landing perhaps, or more likely a spare bedroom that can be made to work twice as hard with some clever design work.  Having a home office doesn’t have to mean sacrificing space for another activity.  You, or an expert, (that’s us)  need to assess your space and work out how to turn your ordinary bedroom into a versatile environment for both work and pleasure.

Junk, storage and spare rooms are perfect for creating a more productive space that will sleep guests who come to stay and hide away stuff you want to keep, while also providing a smart home office haven for working in peace at any time to suit you.

A quality fold-down bed with built-in overhead lighting can be easily stored away when not in use to create maximum living space.  And a bespoke fitted design means cable and extension leads are neatly hidden away and pcs and printers can slide seamlessly out of sight when the room reverts to a bedroom.

Loft conversions are a viable option for many homes where all the bedrooms are already spoken for.  Maximising the areas in the eaves provides effective storage while also creating a new living and work space, where, an extra floor up you stand less chance of being disturbed!

So, a perfectly tailored office space leaves you in peace and quiet with a stylish working area toned in with the rest of your home without having to spend hours trawling around for something you like AND that fits.  A bespoke home-office solution which is fit for purpose – your purpose – could in fact make work a real pleasure. 

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