How Bespoke Furniture Can Transform Your Home

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The devil is in the details. When choosing the furniture and furnishings to complete your home, you want to get the style, design and specifications just right. But even after spending hours searching on the high street and online for that perfect wardrobe or dressing table, you may still fail to find a piece of furniture that fits your requirements.

That’s where bespoke furniture is different, allowing you to create the ideal units for your home, from scratch. Let’s take a look at why bespoke furniture stands out for homeowners looking to transform their rooms.

Tailored to Your Taste

Most of us invest considerable amounts of time and money into making our homes look beautiful. When you’ve decided on the décor and have most other furnishings in place, finding that final cupboard, bed or cabinet to match the rest of the room can be a challenge.

Instead of searching in vain for the unit you have in your head, design a high quality, custom-made piece with the help of a furniture specialist. So whether you like modern, minimalistic styles or classic designs that blend in with the rest of your furniture, you have complete control over the final results.

Made to Measure

Sometimes, it’s not a question of finding something you love, but finding something that fits. Your furniture needs to look right in your home, so room size is an important consideration.

For small rooms, it can be difficult to find units that are functional yet compact; for bigger rooms, small items of furniture can easily look out of place. And if you’ve got architectural features such as sloped ceilings, uneven walls and alcoves, they can wreak havoc when kitting our your room.

Bespoke furniture can be custom-made to complement, rather than compromise, the features that make your home unique. So you don’t have to settle for second best when it comes to comfort, design and functionality.

Designed for Your Needs

Much of the furniture in our homes is ultimately needed for storage. Bedroom furniture in particular can help to reduce clutter, keeping your clothes and essentials organised and out of sight. Bespoke pieces of furniture can be shaped around your storage needs; from specially designed compartments for ties and shoes, to drawers for duvets and blankets, you can invest in furniture that meets your exact requirements. 

If you’re renovating your family home, fitted furniture allows you to create a room with seamless storage facilities. Or, if you want a bespoke unit that you can take with you in the future, tailor-made freestanding furniture is a smart choice.

From your initial concept through to the delivery and installation, Hartleys Rooms specialise in bespoke furniture. Our personal approach ensures our customers receive the very best results for their home, shaped around their needs, taste, room size and décor.

If you’re thinking of commissioning a piece of furniture, or redesigning your whole room, why not visit our showroom for inspiration? To arrange a free design consultation, give us a call on 01756 700471

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