How Eco Friendly is Your Art Print?

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We believe that home comforts and beautiful interiors shouldn’t cost us the Earth, and at Cynefn, they don’t.

You can shop in confidence knowing that your purchase isn’t having a negative impact on our planet, it’s people, or our animals. In fact, your purchase will leave a positive environmental footprint, supporting global environmental initiatives, with measurable stats and impact reports. (here!)

Cynefn Ecologi

We've partnered with Ecologi to offset our carbon emissions and plant one extra tree for every order placed on our website. With your help, in our first year we have offset 150% of the carbon we produced, supporting CO2 reduction schemes in Chile and Bulgaria, and planted close to 400 trees.

But it doesn't end there! We want to ensure your prints are as environmentally friendly as possible for their whole lifecyle. 

Each piece of art we use is digitally re-mastered, ensuring the brush strokes are as beautiful as the day they were created – often over 100 years ago. We then print onto FSC certified paper with non-toxic, water-based inks, and ship to our customers in recycled and recyclable packaging, via climate conscious couriers.


We have replaced our cellophane sleeves with eco-friendly alternatives made from corn starch, which we only use these when required to stop prints getting wet during transit.

Prints despatched from our partners will be sent in recycled packaging without plastic wherever practicable.

If you receive your print in a sleeve stamped NATIVIA please compost these in your kerb-side recycliing (not your personal compost) if you receive a sleeve without the NATIVIA stamp, while small quantities last, please recycle in a soft plastic recycling point such as at your local Co-op store.

We hope you will love your print for many years to come, our timeless archival prints will last a lifetime without fading or going out of fashion. If you choose to replace your print, please consider passing it on to a friend, or dispose of it responsibly in your paper recycling.

Together we can make small, everyday changes to protect our planet – one step at a time.



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