How it started

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How it started


This wasn’t an idea that was acted on immediately, in fact over a year had past when we decided to re-visit the idea of producing full bold prints on performance fabrics creating sportswear that broke from tradition.

Up until September 2014 we had a range of tech – tee’s, performance polo’s and base layers but something was missing. Whilst the small range we carried met the quality we desired, the gear we had was not ours it just had our logo on it. What we lacked was identity!

I have stood nervously on many start lines and looked around and taken notice of what gear people wear (not in a weird way but I have been caught looking). Now I’m not suggesting my judgement in character is the best but I know that there are people out there that would rock a pop art running shirt or a Hawaiian cycle jersey so that’s when we commissioned our first design – the Christmas jumper print.  From the design process, to sampling, to manufacturing – and finally selling something – felt different, it felt right, it felt like what we now had was the start of our identity.

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