How To Create A Winter Wonderland In Your Home

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As the strains of Andy Williams remind us, Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year. The tree is fully a-glow; the television is showing heartfelt, winter-themed movies around the clock; cards and family members alike are arriving on your welcome mat…

Yet, for all the abundant festivity, your home may not be a full, winter wonderland. By carefully decking the halls of your house this Christmas, you can give your surroundings that Noel-tinged sheen, ensuring the warmth and magic of the season latches to your décor.

Christmas colours

To make your home look like the skin of a Christmas cracker, you’ll need to opt for white, gold and silver colours at every opportunity. Swap your ordinary pillows for big, white, fluffy ones instead, ideally surrounded by a handful of regal cushions.

Drape white textured cloths over your dinner table, and spread a few silver ornaments around your rooms to give your home an added winter twinkle. If you’ve got some fancy glasses (champagne flutes, whiskey tumblers), be sure to scatter them across the house, as their reflective, glistening quality can work similar wonders.

Festive dress

Draping holly and ivy across window sills and tables can help to give your home a natural, festive feel, perfectly complementing the snow-white décor. Hanging pine cones from the tree and placing them around the house can also help to reinforce this look, whilst placing some small white-sprayed tree branches into a vase can make for an alluring winter table centrepiece.

All of the lights

When it comes to illuminating your winter wonderland, the best way to do it is by mixing things up a little. Hang up a varied selection of fairy lights around fireplaces, mantelpieces, and doorframes, but also consider deploying a bevy of fragranced candles in different shapes and sizes.

Since you may have already milked the white theme, bolder seasonal hues like purple and green are strong contenders. Placing long candles into glass bottles is also an ideal way to decorate your window sills, whereas LED lights are perfect for wrapping around the outside of your house – particularly the frame of your front door and garage.

Picture perfect

As a final measure, wall art can imbue your home with the festive spirit like little else. During the holidays, winter photo frames, canvasses, pictures and paintings are ten a penny; you should be able to pick up a diverse, decorative bundle for a reasonable price in the days leading up to Christmas. Try to hang them in several rooms to foster a sense of cohesion.

By following these tips, you can create a winter wonderland in your home that you’ll want to keep forever, even after those last squares of frost have melted away. The Hartleys website has dozens of furniture ideas for your transformation to draw on. If you’d like further design inspiration for a New Year's home makeover, contact us on 01756 700 471, or message us today

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