How To Create Office Space Within Your Home

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For the vast majority, home life has changed considerably over the past couple of months. With schools and businesses closed, people have had to adapt their homes to give certain rooms a dual purpose.  In this blog, we look at ways in which remodelling your living space and choosing bespoke fitted furniture can contribute to a more productive home working environment.

Unless you’re lucky enough to possess a home study, you’ll no doubt have been using your living room, dining room, kitchen or bedroom for business or homeschooling.  The UK’s lockdown rules have been loosened somewhat of late and for some, an element of normality will resume this month when children of certain ages return to school and some of us return to work. Many of us, however, will still need our homes to function as a suitable working environment for some time, or posssibly even on a permanent basis if home working is proving to be a success.

Here are a few ways in which you can add versatility and functionality to your home in order to create the perfect work space.

Consider an Extension

Although it can be costly and disruptive in the short term, remodelling your home by adding an extension is by far the best option for those requiring workspace. Setting up office at the kitchen table may be unavoidable for most but in the long term, it is far from ideal. Having a separately identifiable space within your home is far more beneficial as the risks of disruption and distraction are considerably lower. You will also have the benefit of closing the door on your day’s work; a positive step towards maintaining a healthy work / life balance.

If external space is limited or you can’t get the planning permission for a larger sized extension, a professional furniture designer can help you make the most of even the smallest additions to your property.

Rework Your Roof Space

Office extension with fitted furniture

If you would like to remodel your home but an extension is out of the question, why not take advantage of any unused space? Chances are, all the rooms within your home already have a purpose and adaptations would involve compromise. Turning your attic into an additional room will provide you with a dedicated space for homeschooling or working from home.

Unlike the building of an extension, most attic conversions don’t require planning permission either. Unless you intend to exceed certain limits, they tend to fall under your permitted planning rights. Make the most of your conversion by choosing fitted furniture. Such spaces tend to be awkwardly shaped so opting for bespoke furniture will not only provide you with an aesthetically pleasing new office, but will also ensure the space is used as best is it can be.

Sort Out Your StorageFitted wardrobes - perfect storage solution

For most of us, our homes are a comfortable retreat – a space in which we can relax with our loved ones and forget about the daily grind. With the country on lockdown, our home lives and work lives have intertwined and it can be difficult to manage both within the same space.

A tidy work space is essential for motivation and productivity but this can be difficult to maintain in a busy, family home.  If building renovations aren’t an option, it may be time to re-evaluate your existing living spaces in order to create a multipurpose room providing you with the flexibility of two functional rooms in one. In conjunction with a hardworking storage solution, you’ll be amazed at how much space you can free up simply by clearing away clutter and reorganising your possessions.

Fold-down beds - a great space saver for the home office

Freestanding furniture certainly has its uses but there are more efficient options for those who are short of space, or for rooms with more unusual dimensions.  Tailored specifically for your requirements, bespoke fitted furniture can include a whole range of hidden storage solutions including cupboards, drawers, shoe racks and rails. You can even incorporate a work station into your bedroom furniture or opt for a fold-down bed in the spare room should you need it for guests. The possibilities are endless, so if you’d like to discuss your ideas with us, we’d be delighted to help; simply contact us by requesting a design visit.

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