How to Create the Perfect Beauty Station

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It is the dream of many women to have a sacred space where they can get ready in the mornings or a place to prepare for an evening out. It is really easy to create a gorgeous space in your home for you make yourself look and feel great, whether you have enough space to set it up in a separate room or in your bedroom.

The 4 key ingredients:

The 4 key items for creating a stunning space for all of your beauty products and make up are:

1. A comfy chair

2. A table with storage

3. A beautiful mirror

4. Perfect lighting

Below are some stunning examples of how you can create your own beauty station with Mirror Mania. 


White and Ivory are the most beautiful combination when it comes to creating a dressing room or beauty station. One of our favourite dressing table options at Mirror Mania is the Tilda Dressing Table in cream. It has 3 ornately carved drawers so there is ample storage for all of your makeup and it also has a gorgeous 3-fold mirror with an elegant. Team the Tilda up with a beautiful table lamp (or a floor lamp if you want more space on the table) and some table decorations you can create the perfect beauty space without having to spend a lot of time setting it up. It couldn’t be easier!


Mirror Mania Beauty Stations 1


Tilda Cream Dressing Table and 3 Fold Mirror Set

Art Deco Crystal Cascade Table Lamp

Large Antique White Stag Wall Head

Colette Oval Crystal Perfume Bottle


Beauty is eternity gazing at itself in a mirror ~ Kahlil Gibran



Our second collection is a stunning silver themed which would be perfect styled up in any coloured room. We think these would look amazing with bold bright colours or against a backdrop of chunky striped wallpaper. Our Monique Crystal Perfume Bottle looks gorgeous next to our globe bookends. Can you imagine some of your favourite beauty books sandwiched between this two polished half globes, sitting on your beauty station table next to a couple of crystal bottles with your favourite perfumes inside?


Mirror Mania Beauty Stations 2


Monique Crystal Perfume Bottle

Polished Aluminum Globe Bookends

Art Deco Gatsby Crystal Table Lamp with Grey Shade

Runham Swept Framed Full Length Wall Mirror 

Steffan Venetian Mirror Dressing Table



Here at Mirror Mania, as you will have noticed we have a stunning range of mirrors so we have handpicked some of our mirrors that we think would be perfect in your beauty station to help you find the perfect mirror.

Sabrina Dressing Table Mirror

Sabrina Dressing Table Mirror

Beatrix Gold Ornate Framed Wall Mirror

Beatrix Gold Ornate Framed Wall Mirror

Tobruk Metal Framed Window Wall Mirror

Tobruk Metal Framed Wall Mirror 



Polina Crystal Table Lamp

Polina Crystal Table Lamp

Olivia Crystal Pendant in Antique Brass with Ivory Cream Shade

Olivia Crystal Pendant with Ivory Shade

Astoria Range Art Deco Tiffany Uplighter

Astoria Range Art Deco Tiffany Uplighter



Savino Antiqued Silver Venetian Glass Dressing Table

Savino Silver Glass Dressing Table

Valentino Art Deco Mirror Console Table

Valentino Art Deco Mirror Console Table

Enrico Bevelled Mirror Console Table

Enrico Mirrored Console Table


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