How To Create The Perfect Guest Bedroom

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A popular feature a new home buyer looks for is a guest bedroom. When friends or family live far away and visiting requires an overnight stay, it’s nice to be able to provide a homely and dedicated sleep space, rather than the chaos of a makeshift bed in the lounge, or the inconvenience and unfamiliarity of a hotel or B&B.

In recent years, guest bedrooms have also earned homeowners some extra income, renting out their spare space to those requiring a cost-effective room or a flexible option within a given location.

Regardless of who you intend to host in your spare bedroom, there are certain factors you should consider if you want to ensure they have the most comfortable stay possible.  We’ve put together a few tips to help you create the perfect guest bedroom so that next time you have someone to stay, you can be confident that you have provided the ideal space for rest and recuperation…

Plain and Simple

Whether or not you’re a fan of bright, colourful décor, it’s a good idea to avoid anything too bold in a guest bedroom.  Whilst we all have varying ideas on what is considered ‘tasteful’, you can’t go wrong with neutral colours. A bedroom is supposed to be a space for relaxation, so calming colours such as light blues, greens, creams and whites are ideal. Plain, painted walls can be brightened up with wall art and a mirror to add the personal touch.  They also provide a blank canvas so you can swap and change the colours of your soft furnishings without too much consideration.

Clean and Uncluttered

If you were staying in a hotel and your room hadn’t been cleaned, you would certainly notice! A lack of cleanliness is one of the leading causes of complaints in the hospitality sector. So ensure that your guest bedroom is sparkling before your guests arrive. The tops of doors, window frames and the space underneath beds should all be spotless and dust-free as well as the obvious places. Cleaning is easier if you keep all surfaces free from clutter, and your guests will also have somewhere to place their personal possessions.

A Home from Home

Wherever we find ourselves in the world, there really is no place like home. We’ve all had reasons to stay away from home at some point or another, be it for work or for pleasure, and there are certain home comforts we miss dearly when we don’t have them.  Something we’re always delighted to come home for is our bed! So ensure that your guest bed is clean and comfortable and provide extra pillows and blankets. A table lamp is a nice finishing touch, and don’t skimp on the curtains to help keep the cold out and the room dark.

Those Little Extras

You don’t have to provide any extra items for guests, but a kind and thoughtful gesture can go a long way. Sometimes, overnight stays are last minute and maybe your guest hasn’t had time to pack all they need. Even when stays are planned, it’s easy to forget something and not notice until it’s too late. Little extras like shower gel, toothpaste and towels could save some embarrassment. A bottle of water is a nice idea too, as well as a phone charger, which is very easy to overlook when packing.

Fitted For PurposeFitted guest bedroom and office arrangement

Fitted furniture is a great option for a guest bedroom. Not only is it streamlined and easy to clean, but the choice of storage solutions is endless. Staying guests will need wardrobe space for their clothing and a drawer or cupboard for their personal items, but you may also require a certain amount of space your own possessions. By installing bespoke fitted furniture, you can have storage space which perfectly meets the requirements of both you and any potential guests. Plus it will maximise the space on offer, tightly hugging the contours of the space. You could even incorporate a home office area for your own use, as well as for that of your guest should they need to open up their laptop.

At Hartleys, we are experts in designing all types of bedrooms, tailored specifically to our clients’ individual needs. Our team of talented designers and fitters can visit your home to work out the best design plan for you, embracing any awkward spaces or architectural features. If you would like to visit our showroom to view our Yorkshire-made fitted furniture, please call 01756 700471 to make an appointment.

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