How To Cut Down on Clutter This Festive Season

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There is a classic image of Christmas homes – cosy, shimmering with baubles and candlelight, yet jammed with an array of ‘stuff’ that never seems to pack itself away.

We aren’t just talking about presents; all those bulbs, clothes, decorations and cutlery sets need to be stored somewhere when they aren’t in use. Clutter is one of the worst side effects of the festive season. It may even force you to take another look at what your home is capable of holding, turning over a new leaf in 2018.

So to anticipate your Christmas storage pains, we’ve built a plan of what to do with your furnishing and room prep…

Have a ‘base’ for your hidden gifts

It’s essential to protect your presents from prying eyes. Children, especially, like to snoop for the haul you’ll get around to placing under the tree. Stash all of your gifts in the same, high spot in a wardrobe, preferably behind blankets or a duvet.

Larger items might be better suited to the garage. Still, many people use their spare room for this sort of secrecy – height is a must, because it’ll keep them out of the way and deflect any attention. Small, scattered groups of boxes are far easier to lose, and increase the risk of being found, piecemeal, by anyone on the hunt.

Add festive refuse bags to each room

We’re referring to the spaces that’ll get the most attention: the kitchen, living room and hallway. Search for a stylish Christmas bag that’ll take any cast-off paper and plastic through the season. Tie it to a door handle – or buy a wicker basket for the floor – as a vessel for any stray packaging.

Check and empty it as often as you can. These days, there are dozens of great storage units to explore, many of which have their roots in kids’ bedrooms.

Make the most of your shelving

From overhead bed shelves to a stacked, minimalist bookcase, there are so many furniture choices to explore for more breathing room in your layout. Christmas lights can be draped over the top, instead of the walls, for a unique effect on the shelf material. Similarly, you can use display pieces for advent calendars, cards and festive ornaments, with a soft level of floor lamp lighting to showcase them.

Moving to the kitchen or dining area, in-built table drawers are a must for special coasters and cutlery, which you can break out when the family come to stay.

Consider a storage-friendly bed

Divan beds with a lift mechanism are a home-maker’s best friend for handling suitcases, large bags and an overnight kit for guests. But they’re also useful if you have a surplus of Christmas requirements – a box of crackers, say – that just can’t fit anywhere else.

Other beds have a ‘fold-out’ feature, dropping down from a wardrobe façade on the wall when you need them. Again, these are fantastic for spare rooms, as you can totally fill the floor space until a person of interest has to spend the night.

It may be the case that, come January, you realise that the New Year is a prime time for reinvention… Hartleys Bedrooms has a ton of creative options for sprucing your storage talents up before, during or after Christmas. Call us for more information, or head along to our Skipton showroom for a sense of what furnishing we provide. 

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