How to Decorate your home with Art Deco Decor

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History of Art Deco

First appearing in France in prior to World War I, Arts Décoratifs, Art Deco for short bloomed only after the war was over and flourished into the 1920s 30s and 40s embracing various styles including Cubism, Constructivism, Neoclassical, Modernism, and Futurism.


As manufacturing was revolutionising the design landscape, the style was a celebration of this boom in technology – designers had the opportunity to make designs that were completely unique with no influence of the past.

Art Deco influenced not only home décor and art but fashion, photography, and architecture just to name a few.


The Chrysler Building detail, New York by Carol M Highsmith

The Chrysler Building detail, New York by Carol M Highsmith


Art Goût Beauté Molyneux Fashion Magazine


Key Features for Decorating with Art Deco 

  • Sleek
  • Angular/Geometric shapes
  • Curved Lines
  • Bold Colours
  • Stylised artwork
  • Uncluttered
  • Dazzling features such glass, chrome, and mirrors


Decorating with Art Deco

It is relatively easy to achieve an art deco look in your home seeing as making a statement was one of the keys to this style of Décor, it could just be a case of adding a key piece of statement furniture or lighting.

When decorating a room with an art deco theme a great way to do it is to choose a part of the room that will make a statement such as a mirror or a particular wall then build the room around your statement focal point.



To bring through a really bold art deco statement to your home, choose a feature wall that will be the focus point of your room such as the chimney breast or back wall of a home office then cover this with a gorgeous geometric wallpaper. Some of our favourites include Demi by Harlequin and designs by Spiral by Erica Wakerley.


Harlequin - Arkona Wallpaper

Arkona Wallpaper by Harlequin

Spiral Wallpaper by Erica Wakerly

Spiral Wallpaper by Erica Wakerly




As you may have noticed Mirror Mania is heavily influenced by Art Deco and our collection holds the key to creating a statement in your art deco inspired room. It is easy to make a statement in a room with a piece of art and nothing reflects that artistic statement more than a mirror.

To make the process of creating an art deco space easier, all of our exclusive mirrors can be made to order so that they sit perfectly within your chosen colour scheme. We would love to talk about your new decorating project and see how we can help bring that perfect art deco to your home.


Biba Original Handcrafted Art Deco Mirror

Biba Original Handcrafted Art Deco Mirror in various colours


 Babushka Art Deco Mirrors

Babushka Original Handcrafted Art Deco Fan Mirror


Furniture and Lighting


Art Deco furniture really contributes to a minimal, unclutter room where one piece of furniture is enough to make that 1930s impact in your home. Furniture that runs in clean sharp lines can help elongate a small room or hallway and still bring in the style of the era without cluttering the space with furniture.

Make an Art Deco statement with a piece of mirrored furniture that really says it all or infuse the room with light from a geometric lamp.


Art Deco Furniture


1. Valentino Art Deco Mirror Console Table


2. Claudia Art Deco Mirror Console Table


Art Deco Crystal Cascade Table Lamp

Art Deco Crystal Cascade Table Lamp

Balfour Art Deco Wall Light

Balfour Art Deco Wall Light




Mirror Mania Furniture Collection Mirror Mania Lighting Collection

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