How To Feng Shui Your Home

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Feng Shui is an ancient practice used to create harmony in your surroundings. The idea is to create Chi (energy flow) through your home by decorating it in such a way that allows the energy to circulate.

Creating this flow of energy through your home is really important for a home that feels light and liveable. The position of furniture, lighting and other décor can get in the way of the energy flow and easy movement around a room or your home.

A Happy Vibe in the Kitchen

The kitchen is the most important part of the house in feng shui. It represents health as this part of the house gives us energy so we should spread the good energy around the house from here. The kitchen below is decorated with an energising yellow colour which is perfect for a room where energy is received.

Feng Shui Ideas for your Bedroom

A bedroom is a vital space in our homes as it is where we rest and rejuvenate our body and mind. Keeping this mind, it is important to keep the space clutter free so that the mind can follow suit.

Keep furniture and decorations to a minimum and choose a bed that has an open base with nothing stored underneath it to allow the energy to flow freely through the room.


A Zen-Inspired Bathroom

The bathroom is also one of the most important areas in your home and is considered as an area of the home that leaks energy due to water constantly flushing through. The key to balancing the bathroom is to encourage energy to circulate through the room by implementing an earthy element. You can do this through colour and natural materials.

Feng shui your bathroom by keeping it well-maintained, well-lit and always clean. Ensure that the mirrors do not reflect any clutter or the toilet and always keep the bathroom door and toilet lid closed.

The bathroom below is a great example of using feng shui – No clutter, and there is a smooth flow from the entrance to each area of the room. It is light and has a calming Zen ambiance. The addition of the wooden elements contributes to the idea of being in nature.


Be One with Nature in Your Living Room

Living rooms are where we entertain our guests and spend time with our family so spreading good energy here is essential.

Implement features in your living space that will allow as much natural light as possible. – If your curtains overpower the window, switch them to something lighter or add mirrors to reflect the natural light around the room.

A glimpse of nature from the window instantly adds a peaceful and calming ambiance to the inside. You could also add houseplants to bring the outdoor inside.



The location of the stairs is vital for the positive energy to freely flow in your home. In feng shui, the main door of your home is called ‘The Mouth of Chi’ which means that the energy flows in from it. Therefore, a staircase facing the front door is a bad idea as the chi coming up won’t reach the ground floor of the house.

Now, it’s not exactly easy to pick up your stairs and turn them around without spending a lot of money so if your staircase happens to be facing the front door, be sure to implement some of these other feng shui tips to enhance the space that you have.

Having a minimal amount of furniture in your hallway like the one in the image below will make the space feel more inviting. The architectural details like these arched and coved ceiling details and the bright light coming through the door offer extra appeal when teamed with a small amount of furniture.


Good Chi in Hallways

Run chi through a low energy area like a long upstairs hallway by adding colourful and vibrant work of arts along the walls. This brings good energy to the space, and this enables the energy to flow freely. In addition, add some lighting to brighten the space and allows the colourful wall art to shine with positive energy. The rug is really welcoming and directs the flow up and down the hallway.

If you are looking to feng shui an entrance hallway, then make sure it is always well lit and do not clutter the area too much and, also be careful not to place mirrors directly opposite the door as this pushes energy out of the door.


A Front Door with Significance

As we mentioned above, energy flows through the front door, so the colour of your door is of course very important. It is a common misconception that feng shui teaches that you must have a red font door. Red is, in fact, more suited to doors that face south, northeast and southwest so the colour that you select for you front door should, in fact, be in line with the direction that it faces:

North facing – Blue and Black or metallic colours.

Northeast facing – Earthy colours, orange, yellow, burgundy, purple or pink.

East facing – Earthy colours such as green and brown.

Southeast facing – Green and blue.

South facing – Fiery colours such as red, yellow and orange.

Southwest facing – Sandy colours incorporating the fiery south such as red, yellow and orange.

West facing – Metallic colours, light yellow and earthy/sandy colours.

Northwest facing – Light yellow, white and grey.


Feng Shui Accessories

Mirrors are great accessories for reflecting good energy in your home. Be careful though to reflect the things in your home what you love and not the clutter. This room is a great example of reflecting the beautiful accessories and flowers and accessories on the table.

Another great way to utilise mirrors with feng shui is to reflect things that have represent something or have a meaning behind them, So, for example, you could reflect a piece of art that you picked up when you were traveling or a piece of furniture that have a beautiful history behind it.

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