How To Get Motivated For A New Year Working From Home

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The post-Christmas anti climax can feel overwhelming. The January blues are certainly real and with all the doom and gloom in the news right now, January 2022 may feel particularly difficult. 

The UK government has once again advised people to work from home where possible. For some of us who have been consistently working from home, little will change aside from a longer wait for a return to normality. Others may have experienced a somewhat shorter than anticipated stint back in their workplaces and will have to transition once again and make adaptations to their homes in order to accommodate the change. 

Whilst working from home has its benefits, remaining motivated during the dreariest month will undoubtedly be challenging for some.  In this blog, we’re sharing tips to help you motivate yourself for a new year of home working. 

Find the Positives

Whether or not it’s your preference, there’s no denying that there are positives to working from home, and they will differ from person to person. Does working from home save you money on childcare? Do you have more free time now you’re not travelling to and from the office each day? Perhaps being at home enables you to keep on top of the household chores. At this time of year it’s easier to see the negatives than the positives, so kick off the New Year by writing a list of all the ways in which working from home benefits you personally and revisit it each time your motivation levels begin to dip. 

Spruce up Your Surroundings

The environment in which we work directly impacts our motivation levels. If you’re staying at, or returning to, your home-based workspace this month, it’s well worth giving it a refresh. You may not have the time or the budget for a full overhaul but even the smallest of changes can make a difference. Colourful stationery, motivational prints and cosy soft furnishings will all help to give your workspace a new look for the New Year, and the colours you choose can really influence your mood. According to colour psychology, yellow is an energizing colour which promotes positivity and blue is a calming colour which will help you to maintain your focus. 

Set Achievable Goals

When working from home, it’s imperative that you manage your time well. With the daily commute no longer marking the start and finish of your day, it’s easy to put in more or fewer hours than usual. Working out a time schedule will help to ensure that you put the right amount of hours in, but you should also map out how you intend to use your time. Set realistic, achievable goals for each work day so that you know exactly what you need or want to accomplish. If you’re unsure what your daily goals should be, think about your longer term objectives and identify the tasks which need to be done in order to achieve them. A daily planner will help you to keep track of your goals and record progress. 

Limit Distractions

Distractions and interruptions are far more frequent when working from home. Social media, television, daily chores and family members are all there to tempt you away from the task at hand so self-discipline is essential if you want to remain motivated and productive. Identify all the things which are most likely to distract you throughout the day and then set yourself a routine.  By giving yourself set short breaks during which to check notifications, tackle jobs and be available to family demands, you’re more likely to stay motivated during working hours.  If you have family members at home whilst you are working, make sure that they are aware of your schedule so they know to avoid or limit interruptions. 

Maintain Social Interaction

One of the biggest downsides to working from home is the lack of social interaction, so its easy to feel isolated and alone within a short period of time, especially just after Christmas. It’s surprising how even the shortest of conversations with another human can keep us feeling motivated! The office banter, lunches with colleagues and even brief chats beside the photocopier all contribute to a positive working environment. So at home try to remain “in the loop” by checking in with colleagues now and then. A weekly Skype meeting, a quick five-minute group chat or a catch up via a walk in the fresh air are all good for morale and ultimately for productivity. 

At Hartleys we create bespoke home-study furniture which means a work space designed exactly for your work requirements, as well as in the style and finish which you find aesthetically pleasing. Since both functionality and comfort have a direct effect on motivation levels, you’ll find that our designs are the perfect way to give your work from home life a positive boost in 2022.

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