How to Make the Most of Your Spare Room

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Many homes have a spare bedroom, but very few people make the most of it. Often this valuable space gets sidelined, used either as a ‘dumping ground’ for storage, or reserved for the odd occasion when guests come to visit.

With innovative design and a carefully planned layout, this room can become a functional space for everyday use. Let’s take a look at how to transform your spare room, to realise its full potential.

Consider Your Requirements

There are countless ways in which a spare room can be utilised, no matter how small it may be. A guest room is an obvious choice, but have you considered turning it into an office, a music or reading room, or even a playroom for the children? In fact, you don’t even have to pick between the options available. With a smart design and layout, this extra space can be made into a multi-functional room for everyday and occasional use.

Storage Solutions

One of the biggest obstacles that households face when trying to keep their spare room presentable is storage. Especially for smaller homes where storage is limited, clutter can soon accumulate in this little-used room of the house. Although efforts to keep on top of this can be successful to a certain extent, if you’re serious about making the most of your spare room, you need to rethink the storage facilities.

There are some ingenious space-saving solutions available, from beds with drawers underneath to bespoke fitted cupboards designed around individual rooms. By investing in furniture that works around your storage requirements and interior design, you’re much less likely to simply ‘dump’ things in the spare bedroom.

Making a Multi-Functional Room

If you want to keep the option of inviting guests over, whilst being able to utilise the spare room on a day-to-day basis, there are some clever design solutions that can help you create a multi-functional room. Fold-down beds, for example, are becoming increasingly popular with the rise of home working, allowing space for both a desk and a bed.

A furniture specialist can tailor the design and layout of the room to your unique requirements, to optimise the space available. They will also work around any restrictions that may rule out readymade solutions, such as doors that open into the room, or sloped ceilings. By doing so, you can really increase the value and utility of your spare room, to realise the full potential of this living space.

An extra bedroom adds approximately 10% to the value of your property. So if you aren’t making full use of your spare bedroom, it’s a waste of space and money. Spend some time redesigning this valuable room of the house, and you’ll be amazed at the benefits that it can bring to you and your family.

Hartleys Bedrooms are experts in creating bespoke multi-purpose rooms. If you’re thinking of transforming that spare bedroom into a home office, guest bedroom, playroom, or perhaps something more niche, visit our showroom or arrange a consultation today.

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