How to Make Your Bedroom the Centrepiece of Your Home

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Our bedrooms reflect our personality perhaps more than any other space in our homes. A cosy nest is essential to easing us into the morning, or comforting us when we’re ready to crash after a hard day’s work. A room that’s so personal deserves maximum attention when it comes to deciding how it will look. A centrepiece addition can do wonders for invigorating your special retreat with that extra shot of joie de vivre.

Let’s take a look at some fantastic focal points that can bring your bedroom to life…

Bedding Down

The most obvious thing to consider is how you want your bed to look. A four-poster monster can be ostentatious and expensive, so opt for something that’s easier on the eye and your dusting schedule. Choose a large, soft memory-foam mattress – it will adapt to your body and retain plenty of warmth for those colder evenings. Keep it elevated a few feet off the ground so you can fit storage space underneath; a smooth white drawer or two won’t go amiss.

Headboards are also a must for balancing your mound of pillows, and they can be as varied as you like. Velvet adds a refined, textured touch, while a curved wooden headboard is elegant, traditional and looks amazing when complimented by circular patterns throughout the rest of the room. Or, if you love to mix the old and the new, the French antique style has a striking effect when offset by modern furniture design.

Setting the Scene

Interesting wallpaper can make or break an interior – for the bedroom, it’s natural to go for something that calms you down and speaks to your personal preference, whether you’re drawn to brightness like a moth or you gravitate towards the darker end of the spectrum. Art deco is a good starting point for bold slices of colour and creative inspiration.

Muted shades of grey and beige are a useful backdrop to tender images like feathers or flowers, accentuating the space between patterned prints. Abstract wallpaper can be endlessly captivating, akin to staring at an inkblot and seeing something new at every glance. Since you’ll be looking at these four walls more than any other, make them stimulating wherever possible.

Wardrobes and Dressers

Beyond the simple necessities of comfort, a bedroom is your private horde of clothes and knick knacks that need a storage space befitting them. Sliding wardrobe doors fitted to a side wall, maybe facing a mirror of equal length, will place the spotlight on your morning routine. For bedrooms with deeper pockets, a walk-in dressing space is a statement that will organise your wardrobe and make an instant impression on guests.  

Create a bedroom with wow factor by capitalising on the features that will make this room a centrepiece of the house. Now that you’ve started thinking about piecing together that perfect slumber-pad, why not call Hartleys on 01756 700471 to see how we can help you? Alternatively, visit our showroom to get a flavour of our expertise…

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