How to use mirrors to add value to your home

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Can you believe that the right mirror placement can actually increase the value of your home? It’s true! Simple home improvements like changing the position of wall art or using mirrors to highlight darker areas can have a marked impact in perceived property attractiveness. In other words, your home will appear more valuable to those looking to buy it!

So how can you make the most of your mirrors to present your home in the best light?

How to use mirrors for maximum impact

Maximise a view

If your home benefits from an amazing view over the countryside or cityscape, use a mirror to double the effect! A well-placed mirror can create a panoramic effect that draws the viewer in.

Create more light

Who doesn’t want sunlight in every corner? Placing a mirror adjacent to or opposite to a sunny window reflects the light into the room, giving it a brighter, airy feel.

Make spaces feel bigger

Adding a mirror to a smaller room can make it feel much bigger. Experiment with different placements to see what works best for your particular room and layout. Be sure to hang your mirror properly too.

Bespoke mirrors

A mirror that has been designed specifically for a space always looks stunning and will no doubt make viewers secretly wonder how much it cost…

Where to place mirrors in your home

The bathroom

The bathroom is the one room of the house where you can’t have too many mirrors. From full mirrored walls to a classic mirror over the sink, mirrors look great anywhere in the bathroom and go a long way to making it feel bigger too.

The bedroom

A full-length mirror is a must for the bedroom, however, depending on the size of the space you may be able to add more, such as a wall mirror or a dressing table mirror.

Communal areas

Use mirrors to enhance hallways and staircases. The reflections work wonders for making a space feel larger – and it’s a great opportunity to emphasise a feature or wall art. It’s also extremely practical to be able to check your appearance just before you leave the house.

…and where not to

In a cluttered space

If you have a room that feels cramped or is untidy, a mirror will only intensify the feeling of chaos and disorganisation. Think of it as inspiration to have a clear out!

Opposite a bed

Reflecting a bed in a mirror is a big feng shui no-no. It’s based on the belief that the soul leaves the body when we sleep, and the presence of a mirror will cause it to become trapped and unable to return to the body. Whether you believe it or not, why risk it?

Opposite another mirror

There’s a lot to be said about mirrors and the way they reflect not just light, but energy too. Having two mirrors across from one another causes the energy to forever bounce backwards and forwards. Not to mention it creates confusing reflections!

How to use mirrors to add value to your home

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