Icing on Your Décor: The Rise of Scandinavian Furniture

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Scandinavian countries constantly top world surveys of the happiest, fairest, most prosperous places to live. Finland, Sweden and Norway seem to be recognised as ideal facilitators of what’s new and progressive, and we think their furniture design is emblematic of such a positive philosophy. Simple, natural and innovative, Scandinavian manufacturers have come to define what makes a modern interior, putting warmth and personality into minimalist décor.

There are several beautiful additions to a room that can bring Scandi style into your home, from fitted bedrooms to office furniture. Let’s take a look at some of these key furniture essentials:

Pure Class

The visual signifiers of Scandinavian furniture span back to the landscapes they hail from: mottled greys, blues and browns, hued against a snowy white background. They’re dominated by a light feel, a sense of smoothness coasting over miles of untapped forest and rivers. As such, this furniture goes well placed against wall-space that isn’t thoroughly distracting.

A good place to start is your curtains – a soft splice of cream and lime allows light to filter through freely. This same attitude can apply to lamps and desk lights. Circular shapes are the preferred Scandi style, with many room features taking their cue from bowls and geodes. The combination of clean lines and soft curves will add an interesting dimension to any room of the house.

Intuitive Design

Although lighting is crucial for accentuating designs, keeping it simple with your décor requires a little innovation for storage in the average family home. Here Scandinavian furniture comes up trumps again, with ingenious ideas for maintaining that chic and minimalist look in key areas such as the bedroom.

These countries have, for example, pioneered the sliding wardrobe, which allows for creative use of mirrors and dressing tables. You can set aside an entire wall for getting ready in the morning, and it can feel like you’re stepping into your own cave when those doors silently part at your touch.

Style and Substance

Beds, on the other hand, need to be felt as much as seen. The wintry colour schemes prevalent in much Scandinavian bedding are a perfect match for as many throws and pillows as you can comfortably handle.

For the bed itself, current trends suggest you keep low to the ground, barely half a foot or so above the carpet, allowing you to crash down on it with greater emphasis. Pad out your duvet with a couple of items, and remember that a thick, furry rug laid out to the side will snug around your toes in the morning.

Scandinavian designs haven’t really gone out of fashion since their first surge to prominence a few decades ago. They’re becoming a timeless classic, and we love helping our customers play around with this fascinating palette. For more advice about bespoke furniture and design, contact us today on 01756 700471, or visit our showroom to see what we can do for you. 

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