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Successful businesses realise the value of hosting events. Here we look at their benefits and how events can help your company to shine…

Whether you are part of a large corporation or SME, events play an important role in supporting your commercial activity, nurturing your business relationships and increasing awareness of your brand in the marketplace. They are proven to make a difference. Not only important for external marketing opportunities, but events can also play an important role in managing personnel development, teamwork and ensuring staff retention is at a peak.

Event not only means presence at large scale exhibitions or hosting conferences, but it can also refer to small workshops or more intimate meetings; but whatever option you choose, there is a raft of benefits to be reaped.


Opportunities for engagement are significant, not only with potential clients but your own staff as well. Are you the business owner/ senior management? Make sure you and the right blend of staff are present. Having staff with appropriate knowledge on hand engages potential customers. Making yourself available puts a personal spin on the venture and allows you to develop working relationships with your team in an out of office situation.


Many businesses are reluctant to spend on events as they can’t always see a tangible ROI. Longer-term benefits can far outweigh the costs if you are prepared to wait. Staff development, which in turn can increase retention, is arguably invaluable. The value in potential leads and new customers needs no explanation.

Existing Customers

Many businesses target events at potential new clients but don’t forget that looking after your existing customers is vital. Spend some time on meetings or workshops to keep them updated with new information, business updates or new products in the pipeline. Keep reminding them why they chose you as their supplier and make it impossible for them to go elsewhere. If you don’t look after your customers, your competitors will.


A presence at an industry exhibition allows time to mingle with like-minded business owners or check out the competition. Creating your own networking event can allow you to share best practice and new ideas with people in a similar market to your own. It is vital to have a presence out there – working in silos is no benefit to anyone. Collaboration makes business better.


Team building events are a great way to deliver training off-site and develop staff relationships. Taking your staff for away days helps to reduce stress and return them to the office in a refreshed state of mind. Productivity can increase if staff feel they have been invested in and they are appreciated by the company. Away days are also a brilliant way of celebrating team success. Most employees will state that recognition at work is important to them.


The main purpose of many events is to increase sales. The opportunities to create leads, find new opportunities and tap into emerging markets are there to be taken. Businesses need to make money and marketing events are an essential tool for this.

Whatever the scale of your venture, we can provide you with the tools to make your event a success.

Your first priority is getting a good location and venue. Sheer Edge provides a free venue find service which rests on several years of searches and contacts, so we probably already know somewhere suitable for you. We source little library rooms for small writing workshops, right up to conference halls for large scale conference and exhibitions.

Our experience in the sector makes sure that we ask all the right questions about the venues to ensure that they can meet all your requirements.

Event management is another of our services…we can support you by providing extra hands on the day and by liaising with others involved. As we have been working with you from the initial concept and ideas to sourcing the venue, we are the perfect event partners to work with you. We already know your event and have a working relationship with you, so we understand how to make it a success.

We know that customer service is key, and we pride ourselves on that personal touch; spending time getting to know you and understanding your requirements. That is what makes our service special. You can trust us to take the strain out of the organisation of your events, allowing you to concentrate on your main job priorities.

If you are considering an event and are unsure where to start, then get in touch with us and let us get working on your project for you. Sheer Edge brings nearly 15 years of experience to facilitate the perfect event; we have the ideas and expertise. In any event, it’s what we do!

Jo Ferreday is the Managing Director of Sheer Edge and co-founder of Inspiring Dining. With nearly two decades of experience in corporate hospitality and events industry, she is committed to providing excellent customer experience through her services. Finding the perfect venue and creating a unique experience is her priority.

If you would like to know more do reach out, we are a friendly bunch – or 0330 223 3176

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