Inspiring Minimal Home Decor

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Minimalism has become a huge trend in Home Decor in recent years and the trend has progressed into so many different areas including fashion, art and lifestyle. Studies on how the brain reacts to symmetry show a very positive reaction so it is no wonder that the minimal trend continues to grow!

So, What is Minimal Home Decor?

It is easy to see where the inspiration for minimal home decor came from when looking back at the minimalist art movement which emerged in the 1960s. Sleek expressionless, geometric sculptures by artists such as Robert Morris who created large L-shaped sculptures and Tony Smith who designed the iconic ‘Smoke’ sculpture.

Minimalist home decor in short form means ‘less is more.’ Interior Designers create simple, symmetrical rooms that use space very wisely so not to overwhelm a room with too many pieces of furniture. Each item is the is carefully chosen to fit neatly alongside other decorations.


"Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication" ~ Leonardo da Vinci


Minimalisti - Minimalist home designs 2015 – the trend in living room interiors

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What are the most important elements of minimal decor?

Functional style and a clever way of utilising space are key to creating a minimal home. Here are some of the most important elements to keep in mind when creating a minimalist space.

Light: Plenty of light is a must in a minimal setting. Keeping windows free of clutter and use floor and table lamps to create balance.

Space: Minimal decor always leaves room for open spaces whether that be a bare wall or an area of  floor space kept free of furnishings.

Complimentary hues: Stay within colour groups.

Symmetry: Use to symmetry to create balance.

Clutter free: Having great storage is a must in a minimal room or home. Having clutter everywhere defeats the objective of a having clean, pure aesthetic.


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Use Focal Points:

When you are creating a minimalist room a great way to get started is deciding on a focal point to build the rest of the decor around. 

Hallway: Console table or closed shoe rack.

Living Room: Overmantle Mirror/Artwork.

Bedroom: The bed or floor lighting.

Kitchen: The window.

Bathroom: Mirror/sink. 

Utilise any built-in features such as the fireplace or built-in shelving and use it as your focus for creating symmetry through the rest of the room. If your focal point is a window you could also take your minimal look out into the garden!


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Minimal Decor trends:

  • Geometric – This could be a geometric wallpaper, a lamp, a mirror or even used as a way of creating a room layout.
  • Monochrome Decor – White walls and black and grey furniture are a huge minimalist look.
  • Mixed Fabrics – Layering different fabrics of similar hues creates gorgeous textures and warmth. 
  • Glass – Floor to ceiling windows and glass wall art.
  • Grouped Accessories – Bringing complimentary accessories together rather than dotting them around the room clears space and creates an interesting focal point.


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