Instant Scenery meets the SBS family

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It's the day after our first SBS event in Birmingham and what a day it was. If we're truthful we were expecting it to be good and to meet some great people and businesses but were slightly cautious about how it could benefit us directly. How wrong could we be. Within 10 minutes of arriving we had met a business that provided us with a tool that could save us time with maintenance of large shrubs and trees. This will directly impact on us saving time and ultimatley increasing the profitability of the jobs we undertake were we can use this tool.

We then whent on to make a further 5 connections with various businesses and people including marketing media companies who gave us some great tips on how to improve our visability online. We also made connections with 2 other businesses who are local to us in Worcestershire and discussed ideas on how to make an impact on the local press.

Overall it was an outstanding day with some really inspirational and motivational talks which will definately have a positive inpact on all areas of our company. We want to connect with as many of the SBS family as possible so look forward to tweeting you soon and connecting via the great new website.

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