Irresistible Interior Design Trends For Summer 2017

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The sun has returned to our neighbourhoods, bathing us in the possibilities of the new season. Home design is going to rocket down several paths this year, and we’re smitten with the trends on our horizon. Care to see what’s coming up?

From contemporary bedroom furniture to statement wallpaper and soft furnishings, we have it all here in our forecast for 2017’s ray-worshipping décor. Let’s see what interior design trends are breezing our way this summer.

Green is gaining ground

If orange and yellow spring to your mind as the summer stereotype, think again: green is heading to the top of the colour tree for 2017. We’ve noticed a large upwell of emerald, mint and pastel greens sneaking into furniture around the country. You can offset a white table with a pale green lamp, or lay plush, naturalistic cushions on that leather sofa for a contrast that’s nice to sink into.

Mixed patterns are ‘in’

Speaking of contrasts – typical style advice would dictate that you shouldn’t throw two or more patterns together, at least if you don’t want to cause a visual migraine. Now, however, designers are experimenting with bedding, rugs and curtains that switch up the visuals, inch by inch. It’s fashionable to go for a bed throw that has patchwork on one half, for instance, and strange, zig-zagging lines on the other.

We’re mad for luxury seating

Perhaps due to our heavy screen time, as well as the insatiable desire we have to sprawl in the sun for hours on end, sofas and seating arrangements are moving towards a rounded, pleated fabric texture. Velvet armchairs and the like are increasingly popular, especially when they’re paired with matching storage, such as an ottoman for the bedroom or social area.

Bronze is beaming brightly

Copper and gold were the pre-eminent metal tones of 2016. This year, bronze is curving round to the helm of a warm, industrious style, inflecting everything from lighting units to decorative dining bowls. You might use it for your home study, too, fixing a bronze-framed bookcase to the side wall where it can command attention.

Fold-up furnishing is here to stay

‘Spaciousness’ is a buzzword in modern interior design: both for its sense of making the absolute most of what we have in the home, and the difficulty of applying it seamlessly. For this reason, summer 2017 is focusing on the retractable, foldable, boxable quality of kitchens, living areas and dressing spaces. Fitted bedrooms are still in vogue, with more dues paid to pull-out wardrobes and vertical, hidden beds that flip down from a cabinet.

Are you sizzling with ideas yet? We hope so. For more inspiration, pop along to our Skipton showroom, or browse the Hartleys Bedrooms style suggestions before spring ebbs away and the good times really begin.


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