Its not Faulty Towers its Ferndell B&B in Shrewsbury

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Havinig left the Bed and Breakfast in such a rush on Friday morning, Faulty Towers springs to mind.  Id made the breakfast for guests (tweeting as usual during the preparation with #ferndellbreakfast, Id changed the double room over ready for my next guests, who knew I wouldnt be able to greet them, as I had emailed to advise them I was doing something very exciting, but my husband and daughter were in charge, so to please be gentle with them. Id made the bacon butty for a cetain chauffeur, with brown sauce as requested and my plus one had arrived with a gift to say thankyou for me inviting her.  I think she was maybe more excited than me being as she was not an #sbs winner like me, but a wannabe. @LynEvansDesigns

We sped down the M54 onto the M6 into Brimingham, parked and easily found our way to the ICC in Birminham with no delays what so ever to attend the #sbsevent2015 OMG how exciting and fantastic an opportunity and all simply by tweeting Theo Paphitis  "Just a fab B&B" one Sunday night  back in January 2014.

Anyhow the day was sereal to be honest it all happened and was over so fast that in a nutshell…. I listened to Theo and 3 very succesfull business people on a stage, I was so close I could have touched them. I pitched to Red Letter Day I think? yes I did they have tweeted me to say they "cant wait to chat more" its all a bit like a dream really, i had my photo taken with the big man himself Theo, Oh and another big man the one who made the website and the chauffeur holding his foil parcel, lunch was provided and before I knew it i was home introducing myself to my guests who had been out for tea to the local pub and complimenting me on how well my daughter had looked after them when they arrived at the B&B. 

We chatted in the hall, the gentleman who was a "real vicar" from central London made himself comfortable sitting on the stairs saying it says on your video  "we want you to feel at home"  it turned out I had not put in the drinking glasses, the wifi wasnt on when they arrived and they had to ask Beth my daughter, for a kettle as I had taken it out in the morning as my lovely pink one had leaked during breakfast so I stole one from the I said Faulty Towers, but the guests didnt seem to mind when I explained the reason for my haste in the morning

Should anyone have read this blog if I manage to post it properly and would like to visit our beautiful town of Shrewsbury in Shropshire please accept £20 a night off during 2015 to celebrate my fantastic time at the #sbsevent2015 

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