Join Baby Fresh for Weaning Week 2023

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Baby Fresh will be taking part in this years Weaning Week 2023 and looking forward to a week filled with recipes, tips, tricks, and expert advice.

The information given regarding weaning your baby has changed over the years leaving parents somewhat confused and not knowing what they should do. Every baby and every parent is different and you need to find a way that works for you all.

It is so important to introduce a variety of foods early to a babies diet for many reasons including food acceptance, enjoyment, nutrition and developing new skills. Research into this area has demonstrated that there is a potential “window of opportunity” in babies under 1 where they are more willing to accept new foods. As a result, exposing them to as many flavours, textures and foods early is key. This also helps them later in life by helping to increase their familiarity with more foods and food acceptance and thus prevent fussy eating in the future.

The aim of Weaning Week is to bring together experts, brands and real families to offer help, advice, tips, support, and recipes for 6 months plus, 9 months plus and 12 months plus to make weaning as easy as possible. We have teamed up with Weaning Week and other experts so keep an eye out to win some marvellous weaning goodies!

Follow all the activity from 15th-19th May 2023 and keep an eye out on our Baby Fresh Instagram: here


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