Lockdown upside

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The lockdown situation, has sparked a run of takeaway rug cleaning ……. offering a doorstep collection & return, has meant that we have reconnected with large numbers of clients and even added them to our 'waiting list'. When restrictions are relaxed or lifted, we have an immediate list of jobs, that will take at least two weeks to clear !! Self isolating in my rug cleaning workshop, has also eased tensions at home, with my wife and 22 year old son, even though we have still managed to clear list of about 3 months worth of DIY tasks.

Hope things can return to some form of normality, even with a few adjustmanets to work practices. Most of my hosuehold clients, are often on the way out to work or school runs anyway plus our commercial jobs and Parliament work, is done using our own passes for entry. We already use overshoes, nitrile gloves and mask, so keeping them on for a bit longer, should not prove too difficult.

Everyone, stay safe & well.

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