Looking to live sustainably? Integrate wood into your home design

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There are many ways to be sustainable in your home. You might already use energy-efficient lighting or grow your own herbs and veg, but your fixtures and furnishings could lack the eco-friendly factor – and they can easily be sustainable with wood.Beech fitted bedroom furniture

Here we explain the reasons why wood is the most ecological choice…

It’s renewable

Climate change has given rise to the call for renewable energy sources. Wood is one such source – in fact, it’s one of the most eco-friendly available. It requires less energy to extract and process than any other building material too, making its impact on the environment minimal.

Additionally, there’s no danger of a short supply. In the UK, most of our wood is sourced from forests in Europe where 661,000 hectares are grown yearly.

It can be recycled

On top of being renewable, wood can be reused. Its recyclable capabilities mean it can be transformed into usable items from its original intended purpose. Although there’s the option to send it to a landfill or burn it, this causes pollution to our environment, and therefore opting for recycled wood is always best.

Recycled wood also adds unique character to your home. It gives your space a rustic and historical feel that you simply can’t get with pieces that are newly manufactured in a factory.Sustainable woodland

It has longevity

The really great thing about wood is that it’s actually unlikely you’ll need to recycle it. The material lasts the test of time – some pieces can even bypass the 100-year mark! You’ll save money, and our planet benefits too because there’s less demand for new products.

Longevity is influenced by a range of factors – like the type of wood and the treatments that have been applied to it. Cedar, white oak and teak are some of the most durable ones available.

It’s biodegradable

If your wood pieces do need to be disposed of and can’t be recycled, then the waste they produce is minimal. Whilst burning does result in pollution, there are still benefits for the environment.

When burnt, the by-product of chippings generates renewable energy and heat. Or the chippings can be used as sawdust for manufacturing. And if there is any further waste left over, then it’s completely biodegradable. It will decay into the earth, feeding new growth for plants and other organisms.Bio friendly sign

It absorbs CO2

Wood also helps our earth because it absorbs carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. The CO2 stays there too, so it is blocked from polluting the air. For each cubic metre of wood used as a building material, it will store roughly one tonne of carbon dioxide.

If you choose wood for your windows instead of PVCu, it saves 160kg of CO2. On top of this, it’s fantastic for preserving heat. This is both more environmentally friendly and will reduce the cost of your heating bill.Sorrento style wood wardrobe run

There are many fixtures and furnishings that can incorporate wood within any living space in your home. Wood bedroom furniture could include anything from a floating book shelf to a complete wall of fitted wardrobes.

When you purchase wood furniture, it’s best to select a company that uses fully sustainable resources from managed forestations. This is what we do here at Hartleys, along with our wood burner in the factory that negates the use of landfill. We are supplied the best-quality wood from Egger, whose eco cycleconserves resources.

We can help with designing your home with this stylish and flexible raw material too. Our creative advice will ensure that the sustainable, bespoke furniture will suit the look of your interior. You can call us on 01756 700471, request a design visit, or even browse our ranges at our Yorkshire showroom.

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