Looking to Export? Get some help from the UKTI

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Exporting products produced or designed in the UK is a huge income for companies wanting to expand. But according to a report produced recently, Almost three out of five firms do not export and less than one in ten are thinking about doing so any time soon. This gives us a bigger indication that over half of small to mid-sized businesses questioned for the report are still trading cautiously. Companies like mine would love to have more overseas customers, but where do you start in finding them? Is it worth putting in the hours searching for them when customers on our own door step also need attention. You don't know until you try it.

Recent news shows that firms are more confident about the improving UK economy, but stepping outside the comfort zone is treated differently. Our News and Social Media Feeds are full of events happening in Europe, America and further afield. It is true that not all businesses can export or expand overseas. So perhaps the report didn't take this into account. The same reports show a third of businesses are still focusing on reducing their costs and increasing their productivity. Businesses and their owners are aware of the benefits of exporting, such as expanding their customer base. I recently started some free workshops with the UKTI and will be looking to continue working with them in the future. The UKTI is the Governments Trade and Investment section who are actively helping businesses grow overseas. The main aim is for extra cash to arrive in the UK and then in turn, be spent in the UK. For more details about us, see: www.lrbtrophies.co.uk

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