Louise Barson Art Co-hosts the International Imaginarium Show in Greenock Autumn 2023

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Hello everyone. September and the change of seasons have always seemed to feel like a time of fresh starts and new directions. Do you feel the same way? What things have you done for the first time this year or have planned for the coming months? Here are a number of firsts for me.

I’ve been collaborating with some artists and authors online from the UK, Canada, and Australia this year and we are going to meet up in person for the first time when we stage the Imaginarium Show art and literature exhibition in Scotland in September 2023.

The in-person exhibition is on 23 and 24 September at the new West End Gallery in Greenock, near Glasgow ( the gallery’s opening event), and then online until 31 October 2023.

I will be exhibiting a number of paintings from my new series ‘Treevolution’ for the first time too.
It’s been exciting taking my art in a new direction and I’m looking forward to developing this new body of work further over the coming months. The trees in Treevolution have evolved and emerged as metaphors for our human desire to connect, belong, and be visible.
We hope to interact with new and familiar faces at the in-person event and then the online exhibition. You can sign up for news and discover more details here www.imaginariumshow.com  and view the exhibits online until 31st October 2023
If you know anyone in the Glasgow and Greenock area who loves art and literature they can reserve a free ticket

here The Imaginarium Show – Art and Literature Exhibition Tickets, Sat 23 Sep 2023 at 10:00 | Eventbrite and enjoy a complimentary glass of wine whilst you browse the exhibits.

I’m absolutely delighted with my #sbsaward for Louise Barson Art.  It’s my first award for my art business ( but my second #sbs win. Who says lightning doesn’t strike twice?  My first was for a completely different business back in 2011 which I had to close some years later due to ill health. It was after that, in 2017 that I taught myself to paint and developed into the artist I am today. I look forward to making new connections.

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