Luscious Tips For Outdoor Living

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Pouring over the intricacies of design can be extremely rewarding, particularly if inspiration hits you from every angle. Creating beautiful rooms is a pastime that many homeowners enjoy, but the garden is just brimming with potential. Although fitted and freestanding furniture for the home is our bread and butter, we recognise that outdoor spaces need their share of love too.

Our last blog explored how to bring a sense of the great outdoors to your home. Now, let’s take a look at how to bring those comforts outside, for effortless outdoor living:

Green fingers

The most satisfying aspect to a garden is the flowers, right? Everyone has their floral preferences, and they can make a big difference to the overall appearance of your patio, lawn or balcony. Potted plants are a beautiful, low maintenance way to enhance your outdoor space, positioned at various heights and angles around the garden, with an array of colours and sizes.

Decorative plants should be tasteful and interestingly arranged. Architrave ivy can climb into your heart if you let it, but going overboard blankets your garden in a feature that’s tough to keep tidy. We recommend being selective, limiting hanging or fence features to a part of the garden that should feel cosy and intimate.

Sitting on a great idea

Lawn furniture has to be light and easy to get from one place to another, but that shouldn’t stop it from carrying an entirely different sort of weight. Wicker chairs in the modern cube style are a fantastic addition for the style-conscious entertainer, allowing your guests to wiggle in and out of positions whilst lounging in the sun. Outdoor beanbags, too, are very much in vogue, creating a playful atmosphere for backyard sojourns.

Always consider the contrasts between indoor and outdoor seating. You’ll want your garden to have its own identity, whilst being in-keeping with the era and style of your property.

Patio perfection

When planning your patio layout, you’ll have to assess where the sun will hit it, and what seating arrangement will let everyone be in close communion with one another. Having a mix of sun-kissed and shaded areas will allow people to choose the seat they prefer; if shade is lacking in your garden, a modern parasol can be a stylish accent to your exterior design.

Placing an impressive centrepiece in the middle, such as a chiminea, patio heater or a pillar of dahlias snaking up to a gazebo, will make the patio feel like its own entity. Alternatively, for seating that’s a talking point in its own right, a swinging hammock is hard to beat.

Hopefully, we have inspired you to take the joys of interior design and apply them to every inch of your home – including your garden. Outdoor spaces deserve the same attention as a living room or kitchen, to set the scene for relaxing, memorable moments this summer.

For further advice on design, décor and furniture, give us a call 01756 700471 or visit our showroom in Skipton. 

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