Made in Stockport Badge

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Be it Hat making and producing award winning Beer, Stockport has had and continues to have a long established record of manufacturing and a creative output for a wide range of food, art and craft producers.

With this in mind Stockport creative Aqua Design Group wanted to create a Made in Stockport badge for these producers to show off the fact they are made in the town. Using the iconic viaduct and Philips head screws conveying the engineering heritage of Stockport the badge makes a very bold statement. Initially this was going to be a colour badge, but for purely practical and aesthetic reasons it was decided by Aqua Design Group to keep it as a black and white badge.

Dylan Moore, owner of Aqua Design Group commented
“As a business, I’m proud to be based in Stockport and wanted to create a way for the town and businesses within it to shout about what they are doing.”

The badge can be supplied in a digital form to be put on websites, business literature and stickers can be purchased from Aqua Design Group along with other marketing items if you so wish, why not contact them at

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