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Selecting the right manufacturing partner

Finding the right manufacturing partner has had its challenges. At first we looked to the local market but in all honesty we knew that would be a dead end road.  We then moved abroad, starting in Europe, then into Asia, Middle East, South America and finally, the Far East.

As a start-up with a limited budget, a number of decisions were simply taken out of our hands and made for us. For example, when we finally found a suitable manufacturer who could provide the exact kind of gear we wanted, they insisted we commit to huge minimum quantities, such as 5,000 per style/colour – sadly not quite in our league…. Yet!

In 2014 we partnered with a factory in China. The initial attraction to this supplier was that they specialised in producing sublimated sportswear and had ties to the USA and Australia; plus, factor in their vast range of in-stock performance fabrics, great communication and that they could meet our delivery schedule. We felt like we’d won the lottery!

However, we do pay a premium for their service, but what we get is exceptional service, quality and great value which we try our very best to pass on to you.

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