Mega SEO for your small business the #SBS way

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I make no secret of the fact that my Theo Paphitis #SBS win has made a positive impact on my small business, be it with the friends I've made, the connections or working directly with fellow winners.

This has led to work being put on my website over the last 9 years, which has then had an impact on my business from a search engine point of view. Yes the dreaded SEO.

I've never employed anyone to do my own SEO on my website, because let's face it no one knows my business or the projects I've been involved in better than myself.

Some simple things to consider when doing SEO.

  • Content in king.
  • Product descriptions on images your uploading.
  • Key words (related to the project).


Share your page links across social media, as this also helps for better spread and knowledge of your work and website. It does wonders.

Other ways to increase visability.

  • Put on front page of website.
  • Create a dedicated #SBS winner page on website.
  • Write blogs about your experiences as a winner, be that about attending the events or working wirh fellow winners.

By doing these I've found out today that in five search terms I'm on page one nationally.

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