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We're launching a new podcast tackling the stigma around Mental Health in Business.  We're officially launching on Wednesday 1st July, but we wanted our fellow SBS winners to hear about it first!

Presented by Tom Fox, a former Infantry soldier, who served 15 years in the British Army before working in the Financial Services (for Lloyds & Barclays) and IT sectors. In 2015 he was diagnosed with Complex Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (CPTSD) which had led to him suffering a mental breakdown.

His experiences & realisations gained through his own treatment, led to him creating Thoughtify Ltd, a company which provides Mental Health First Aid Training & Executive Coaching to some of the biggest businesses in the UK & internationally.

The Podcast – entitled Mentally Healthy Leaders – focuses on the stories of successful Executives, Entrepreneurs and Senior Management from across the worlds of Technology, Banking, Sport, Forensic Science, Armed Forces and Communications, who openly share their stories of breakdown, burnout, depression, bipolar, postnatal depression and anxiety. They also share their thoughts and advice for individuals & businesses on maintaining good mental health & supporting mental health in the workplace.

Tom Fox says: “If we’re really going to change the way we think about mental health in the workplace then we have to start at the top.  An email from a CEO paying lip service to the importance of mental health isn’t enough. Our business leaders need to take a truly  proactive approach to show employees that no matter who you are within a company, first and foremost you’re human, and being a superhuman is not an expectation. 

“Just a few short years ago people spoke about Cancer in hushed tones, look how far we’ve come to break that stigma. That’s why I wanted to create this podcast, to enable strong successful leaders to come forward and tell their story of being human, as I know it will encourage others to talk about their feelings & to seek help when they’re finding it hard to cope.  

“ I’ve no doubt that we could reduce the amount of people struggling at work, developing mental illness, and even losing their jobs if we just took the time to understand mental health better, and spent a little more time looking out for ourselves and others in the workplace”

If you'd like to follow the podcast then just follow this link to our website:

Have a great July.  

Tom Fox

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