Modern Furniture Solutions for Period Properties

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Britain has a rich architectural heritage, with period properties spanning across the eras, from Tudor times through to the Victorian period. Beautiful though they may be, interior design can be daunting in a period property. Should original features be retained or revived? Might the building benefit from a more modern twist? Is it possible to blend the old and the new?

Whether you’ve just purchased a period house, or you’re planning to refurbish your home, we’ve got some tips on how to use modern furniture solutions for your period property.

Furniture to Fit

Original features can bring charm and character to a property. Period fireplaces, panelled ceilings and original tiles can all provide interesting and unique focal points. However, architectural features can also make choosing furniture difficult. Small or unusual spaces, narrow corridors and low ceilings are often unable to accommodate standard-sized furniture.

This is where bespoke modern furniture comes in. Many pieces of antique furniture were originally custom built for period houses. Why? Because they were designed to fit. Modern made-to-measure furniture can provide the ideal solution, as each piece will be designed to fit the unique spaces in your home.

A Sympathetic Selection

It’s not only the size of the furniture that needs to be considered. Lines, shape, symmetry, colour, material and texture are all important. Again, the particular quirks of your property can make these choices more challenging. Whether you’re looking to enhance period features or you’re after a more modern feel, furniture should be selected that is sympathetic to the style of the property.

Bespoke furniture will give you the freedom to choose pieces that suit your home. Items can be designed so that they are in keeping with the era in which your property was built. Similarly, more modern pieces can complement a period property, resulting in a wonderful juxtaposition of the old and the new.

Antiques: Advantageous or Antiquated?

Antique furniture can be a great choice for a period property. However, antique pieces are not always well suited to modern living. An Edwardian bureau might look beautiful in your Edwardian study, but it might not be the best surface for your MacBook Pro. Finding antique furniture in the right size and style can also prove tricky. A large mahogany chest of drawers might be a practical storage solution, but will it complement a light and airy space?

Modern furniture can be designed with your needs in mind, mirroring antique styles without compromising on function and quality. Whether you prefer a light wood or a heavy finish, a simple design or ornate flourishes, bespoke furniture can be made to reflect the styles of bygone eras.

If you’re looking for modern furniture solutions for your period property, Hartleys Rooms offer a bespoke service. We’ll work with you to design one-off pieces that are a perfect fit for your home. To book a free design consultation, call us today on 01756 700471.



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