Move Or Improve: What’s Best For Your Home Lifestyle?

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Few of us like to be in the same space, day after day, forever. Our needs and tastes change, after all. You may blink all of a sudden, and see a set of four walls that are missing that spark of creativity and freedom of movement you once treasured.

The natural step, then, may be to wonder: are you ready for a property move? Or should you focus on restyling the home you already have to make it more in line with your lifestyle?

There are arguments for each decision. Let’s see what they are.

Option 1 – Searching for a new abode

The grass, they say, is always greener on the other side. So indulge your curiosity by arranging a few initial viewings. You’ll begin to understand what you really like about a property that’s different from yours. It may have exposed beams, a cellar, en suite bedrooms, or those floor-to-ceiling windows you’ve always dreamed of.

Yet you must bear in mind how the building will treat your needs over time. If you’re planning for a family, there has to be space for a nursery or converted bedroom. What about a garage for your DIY hobbies? Try not to be bowled over by what you require now – the future is more important.  

Fitted furniture is another factor. If you already have wardrobes, desks and shelving in the perfect dimensions, a new home may be less feasible – you’ll have to install the whole floorplan again or opt for freestanding items.

Try to pinpoint the reasons why you’ve got an itch to move on. Is your existing property genuinely falling short of your needs, or could a few tweaks transform it?

Option 2 – Refreshing an old space

The stress and expense of uprooting cannot be underestimated. This is why many homeowners prefer to improve rather than move. An extension, conversion or renovation can give you ample space for a redesign, providing you think carefully about what it might be.

Kitchens can be lengthened, for instance, to provide a better dining or cooking area. A spare room – perhaps one that isn’t used as much as you’d hoped – may become a home office, or vice versa. Bookcases, cupboards, stone features, standing mirrors and seating units can make a property feel utterly new again, if you have the right expertise to guide you. Simply moving things around can be enough to create a whole new dimension to your existing space.

A small investment in furnishings, décor and home improvements can have a big impact on your perceptions of a space. So whether you’ve got changes in the air or you’re simply growing tired of familiar surroundings, consider how you can improve before you embark on a decision to move.

Either way, Hartleys is a dependable source of fitted, freestanding and transformative furniture when you’re seeking to upgrade. If you’re looking to furnish a new pad, or refresh your current space, contact us for a style partner you can trust.

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