My First #SBS Event

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In 2013 I started my small home based business with very few aspirations other than to make people smile, who would have thought that 18 months later I would be standing next to Theo Pathitis having my photo taking after winning an #SBS Award!

Yesterday will be a day I will never forget and one that I will always look back on and smile. It was an amazing yet overwhelming experience. I drove down from my hometown in stoke on my own full of nerves, fears, hesitation yet immense excrement at one point I even thought about turning round and not coming. I’m so glad I decided to keep driving. Despite the fact I was on my own everyone I spoke to was so full of enthusiasm and excitement that I immediately felt at ease. The fear that had consumed me was instantly lifted. To everyone I met I thank you.

The event itself was inspiring, I left feeling reinvigorated and with a new passion to move my little business forward. The talks and the Q&A were so informative and helpful!

The day ended on a massive high when despite queuing for an hour I finally got my hands on my certificate and my picture taken with Theo, it was then that I knew all the hard work had been worth it. For him to recognise my small business was amazing.

When I got home and finally put the day into perspective I’ll admit I shed a little tear. This dream day wouldn’t have been possible without the memories I had shared with Gran for all those years and I wished that she was still here to share my special day. In fact writing this now is making me well up all over again.

To everyone whose supported me and helped me since my win, I thank you from the bottom of my heart.
I hope that 2015 is a dream year for all of us full of happy memories and success. And to my Gran, I love you and I hope that I’ve made you proud.

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