New Children’s Music Book Launched. First Song Hits 6k listens In 5 days!

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New Children’s Music Book Launched. First Song Hits 6k Listens In 5 days!

Kirsty Clinch of First Melodies Music School, launched her new children’s music book this month, Melody sings about Magic. Kirsty is the author and the illustrator of the books, created from the comfort of her own home. This is the third addition to the series, aimed at pre school children and their siblings. So children can enjoy a book full of meaningful and educational songs, that are interactive via YouTube. Where Kirsty is dancing and singing, and the characters of the song pop up and move around. The videos also contain Makaton in the videos, which is a universal sign language, often used in nurseries, schools and at home, as a way of communication, when a child is unable to communicate all their needs.  As a former Nursery nurse, and now an independent music teacher, the First Melodies, Melody sings books, were created.

Amazingly, after posting the first song in the book, the fairy song. It hit 6k views in just five days! Eight more songs are to follow. Her past book, Melody sings at the zoo’s top song, got 85k views and Melody sings about transport got 45k. These books are truly loved by little ones and the good news is Kirsty is planning to create three more of these to add to the series. The future idea is to use these books to expand the music school to also early years, and use the books as weekly themes for the music sessions.

Melody sings about magic is a truly special book. Kirsty quotes “I wanted to create a book about magic but also with a difference. Some characters may not appear magic at first but they are special. Magic is inside each and every one of us and it does not come just with wizardry. It comes with strength in oneself, and just being truly the individual you were born to be. Magic can also be crying and feeling sad. Plus, we are all here on earth creating magic, and magic is also just purely Love.

Melody follows lots of different characters in the book including a magic Dragon called Phil, that only breaths fire for warmth. He loves to dance and has the heart of gold, but unfortunately the other dragons are unsure of him, as he is a little different. Kirsty based this character on her step dad, who sadly passed away before she launched the first book and the First Melodies music school. However, he did see Kirsty making plans for all of this, so the books were dedicated to him and now a character also had to be named after him. Kirsty quotes “He adored dragons, so it fitted perfectly. I wouldn’t of had First Melodies today, if it was not for him.”

If you want to help out Kirsty with her quest to make the world a better place and smile more, or you know a little one in need of such a book, or books. The Melody sings book is available to buy on Amazon now, just search Kirsty Clinch, Melody Sings About Magic, First Melodies, and you should find it. Alternatively, if you live in the UK, or not too far away, she is happy to also post you a copy and add a little signature or personal note at request too. Please get in touch with Kirsty Clinch on any of her First Melodies socials, including Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and Tik Tok, or her official website to arrange this. Books are £8.99 via Amazon or Kirsty has a few offers available up until Christmas. Even just a hello is welcome is appreciated too.

Kirsty of First Melodies Music School wanted to finish this off by saying, “Thank you for the wonderful welcome to small business Sunday, to all those who work for SBS, and to Theo for picking us as one of his winner. Congratulations to all, this is a wonderful community filled with wonder people and I cannot wait to meet you all in February!”



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