New Features of The New Theo Paphitis #SBS Website and Marketing

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We have several new initiatives within the site that will help your business but to make the most of the new features we need some information from you!

We have designed a new logo with a more solid edge, a raised image in new fonts and new colours to compliment the new site. Not a complete departure from the old one either. You can download this FREE through the 'Create Your Badge' section in MySBS.

As Theo mentioned at the event we want to start organising other events and workshops throughout the year which will benefit your business. However, before we are able to do this, we need to understand a little more about your business so that we can tailor what events and information would suit your business.

You will have seen (those of you who attended on Friday) that Google loves the site. Metalfrog has provided a search functionality second to none for Google and other search engines to love. Your site profile URL has been reworked, and you saw the result of this with Theo's impromptu request for us to search for Christos Chris Ellinas on Friday. We can ssure you this was not staged or planned!!

We have improved the search functionality on the site and have added a directory which potential customers will use to find your products or services! To make sure that you can be found by potential customers who visit the #SBS Directory can you choose a category from the list below that you think best describes your business:

Business Services
Computers & Internet
Finance & Legal
Home and Garden
Industrial & Commercial
Travel & Tourism

You can search fellow Winners by win date, so that you can see your fellow five on the Sunday/Monday you were chosen.

Anything you put into the search will return a result providing it is either in the category or sub category, your profile, a key phrase or anything mentioned on this site, making a giant search engine in its own right.

Along with these benefits the other features that Theo launched at the #SBS Event are as follows:
Improved news and offers functionality on your #SBS profile which can appear on the homepage
#SBS business of the month who will feature on the homepage for the whole month
Ability to discuss posts and news on the site, moving everyone onto the site and away from this group and others – hopefully this promotes a wider #SBS in a trusted and secure place, with the added advantage that posts which are generating are also indexed with Google

Official Winners Badge generator so that your business name can be integrated into the #SBS badge

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