Nikki Mattei interviews Christina French of ethical cosmetics manufacturer, Essench, as an Inspirational Sustainability Leader.

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SBS Winners ESSENCH Cosmetics Ltd, has been providing support to sustainable Cosmetics Brands around the UK to drive forward an industry change that delivers true transparency to their end consumers

A recent study carried out in 2022 identified that 4 out of 5 consumers do not believe the claims that brands make regarding their products, but ESSENCH is rebuilding that broken trust

Voted The Best Ethical Cosmetic Manufacturer – UK 2022 by Luxlife Magazine Global Vegan Awards, ESSENCH maintains its value through supply chain traceability and its support to local biodiversity

Working alongside Crafters to assist with compliance to ensure they are entering the market correctly to formulation services with contract manufacturing when their business expands, they have everything under one roof making the whole Journey stress free for brand owners

Read more on how Christina & Jenny are helping brands and changing the way Cosmetic manufacturing operates in the UK

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