No Fuss Fill #SBS winner, receives the thumbs up from fellow #SBS winning organisation Kids Around Dogs® 

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KAD – Kids Around Dogs® is an award winning #SBS Winner association of Dog Professionals and Child Care Professionals who specialise in working with families and schools to help children and dogs to live in harmony together.

Their founder Debby Lucken recently purchased some of our SkooGo® Dog Walking Pocket Gloves by No Fuss Fill

We are proud to announce that our SkooGo® Pocket Gloves are now a KAD Kids Around Dogs® approved product.

KAD Kids Around Dogs® products need to be,

– Useful and practical for families with kids

– Safe for children and dogs

– Easy for kids to use

– Aesthetically pleasing

– Value for money

– Good customer service

– Eco Friendly

– Good quality

QUOTE :#SBS winner Debby Lucken founder of KAD Kids Around Dogs® 

‘A big part of parenthood involves picking stuff up and cleaning your kids’ face, hands and everything else. However, doing all those things while wearing gloves is nearly impossible and incredibly annoying. The No Fuss Fill SkooGo® fingerless gloves solve this problem, by keeping your hands warm, but still fully able to help your little ones with their needs and pick up after your dogs too!’

QUOTE:#Sbs Winner Mrs.P No Fuss Fill® 

Our gloves have been designed to be practical and comfortable, complete with pockets to store spare poo bags and dog treats. We are thrilled that our best selling dog walking gloves are now KAD® approved. Our products are all designed to make life easier and more fun for dogs and the people who care for them and with the KAD Approval we can now include little people too! 



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