Out With Minimalism: How To Embrace The Maximalism Trend

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The pared-back minimalism look is certainly still de rigeur, but for many, it has started to become bland. Instead, a new interior design trend has made its way into our lives for 2018: maximalism.

This means that more is – literally – more. We’ve put together a few ways you can embrace this latest trend in your home.

Sumptuous fabrics

Your furnishings don’t all have to be crafted from standard cotton. There are plenty of rich fabrics that tick all the maximalism boxes, including velvet and silk. And there’s no limit on the amount of different fabrics you can upholster your furniture with either.

Create an impact in your living room by mixing viscose rugs with fur cushions and a glass coffee table, for example. The patterns should be different, adding even more depth to your interior. Couple together eye-catching tropical prints with monochrome stripes on your chairs and sofas for the wow effect.

Indulgent décor

The other décor in your interior needs to be just as luxurious. Forget the immaculate look of white walls and replace them with daring designs. You could opt for striking  colours like red, go royal with lavish gold, or display motif wallpaper.

For furniture, make it interesting by picking pieces from different time periods. Stand-out items could include a Jacobean-style needlepoint armchair, a Victorian brass and marble pedestal, or a Georgian mahogany three-tier dumb waiter. The more eclectic, the better.

Stand-out murals

Adventurous paint colours and opulent wallpaper aren’t the only way to decorate your walls; you can get creative with a mural. This will allow you to exhibit stunning landscapes like sunsets or waterfalls, or add drama with an astounding floral design.

They can even be an expression of yourself. Display imagery that means something to you, or use lettering to be inspired and motivated by your favourite quotes or song lyrics. You’ll be able to guarantee that no one else will have an interior like yours – another key feature of maximalism.

Bold accessories

A small accessory can make a big statement – providing you select the right one. Choose objects with bright, vibrant designs that will create a whole different look for your interior. Leather fringe lampshades and polka dot vases are a great example.

Accessories really create an impression if they are quite unique. You could mount the wall with an antique elephant head made out of gold. Or perhaps you could go for a mirror shaped in a sunburst style. The sky’s the limit!

Contrasting colour schemes

Juxtaposing colours can really create an impact when they’re in the same family of tone. Shades of red, orange and pink would be the perfect combination. Together, they create just the right amount of contrast without being too jarring.

You could even go for the colour of 2018, Ultra Violet, to make sure that no one forgets your home (and it makes a great talking piece when you have guests round). Hand-painted wardrobes in this colour are a great way to make a statement in your bedroom.

Maximalism will help you craft a one-of-a-kind interior. As its aspects don’t have to match, there’s no limits on what you can and can’t do with your home to put a truly unique spin on it.

Figuring out how to express yourself whilst retaining a stylish look isn’t easy though. This is where Hartleys can assist. We can offer design advice to ensure your furniture is a perfect fit with your maximalism decor.

Request a design visit and we can work together to make your interior distinct. You can contact us on 01756 700471. You can also visit our Yorkshire showroom to have a look at our bespoke fitted and freestanding furniture ranges.

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